Jack Ryan – Season 3 Episode 6 “Ghosts” Recap & Review


Greer and Cahill greet Ryan and Mike at the US Embassy in Prague as episode 6 of Jack Ryan season 3 starts. He tells Ryan that Miller is against them and he will get him arrested when they reach the embassy. Luka reaches an airbase with the warhead, which is assembled there.

Jana and her daughter are kidnapped in Poland and brought before Alena for questioning. Elizabeth curses Miller for keeping his political agenda above his duties and ignoring the intel Ryan gathered. He has her fired and will investigate her actions in the last week. Miller sends Harris and his team to the embassy when they spot him on the camera. But Greer has a plan of his own that involves taking the Czech president into confidence through the police.

Before Harris and his team arrive, Ryan and co try to figure out where can the Russians transport the warhead. But the time is even less than he had originally anticipated. They distract them with an imposter to allow Ryan to get out. A chase ensues and the plan is to lead them to an envoy of police, who will arrest Ryan and bring him to Alena. It is successful. When Greer is almost arrested by Harris, he reveals the truth to him. Alena meets with Jana first but she is too adamant to reveal anything, even though Petr killed her husband.

Greer sends a phone number to Elizabeth. It is for General Ramos and Greer has called in his favour from him. At the airbase, Luka is taken by the Russians in another direction as a single driver takes the warhead in a truck in another. Ryan narrates the entire truth to Alena. The task now is to figure out which airbase the Russians s taking the warhead to.

Elizabeth gives a pen drive to Ramos to present all of Ryan’s findings directly to the Situation Room in the White House and make aware the POTUS of what is really going on.

The Czechs identify the NATO convoy bringing in the missiles to an airbase and keep tracking it. But when Greer mentions to Ryan that the Russians are looking for a reaction, he realizes that they never intend for the missiles to reach the airbase. The town of Nymburk is the target. The Russians want to collide with the NATO convoy in the city to affect the maximum amount of casualties. Jana finally gives up Petr’s location to Alena. He is at the place where they “hunted the wolves”. At his doorstep, the Russian car pulls up and Luka is invited into his house.

He eventually makes the connection that Petr is actually Lebedev. The two men sit face to face and discuss what the plan really hopes to achieve. Both accuse the other of being traitors and selfish. It ends up with the Czech special forces ambushing the cabin, shooting the Russian guards, and Luka shooting Petr in the leg.

The situation in the field is tense. Ryan coordinates with Colonel Moore carrying the NATO convoy on the ground. He has a plan in mind. It goes something like this. The convoy will park one of their trucks – the one escorting and without munitions – in the tunnel.

Lights in the tunnel will be triggered off, making sight an impossibility in it for anyone. The rest of the convoy will pull clear of the tunnel. Since the Russian truck is chasing the convoy, he will come into the tunnel blind and crash straight into the stationary parked truck. Thus, the damage from the ensuing blast will be minimized and the threat will be neutralized.

It almost goes according to plan but Moore and another soldier are slow off the blocks. Ryan himself takes an empty truck into the tunnel and just gets them out in time. The blast forces their vehicle to fall off the edge but they all thankfully survive.

The nuke threat stands neutralized. Now, Alena must deal with Petr. Luka reveals that he has severed an artery in his leg but tied it up to stop the bleeding. Alena and Petr talk alone, and he once again tries to manipulate her with a letter. She knows better by now and burns it.

In a shocking turn of events, she unties the belt and lets him bleed out and die. In the Situation Room, Ramos unravels all the intelligence that was gathered and the Vice President relieves Miller of his duties.

All the other protagonists converge at the Otravia Airbase. Luka commends Ryan for his efforts. But he is confused why Luka did not stop it before. Luka fears a full-scale war about to happen and declares himself as an asset for Ryan to make sure such a scenario is avoided.

The Episode Review

We were wondering when will this season of Jack Ryan show glimpses of becoming unrealistic and predictable. Well, the time came in episode 6. Not that anyone can hold it against the makers – Bond does it, Hunt does it, why not Ryan? But this season was set up perhaps not to emulate the predecessors. And it almost didn’t.

Those two words defined the entire narrative here. The only positive thing coming out of it was that there is more to come. This was not the end. Sokol is merely a tool, as Luka says to Ryan. But things are poised to get very political from here on in, if that is the case. Will patriotism prevail or will the efforts to prevent world war three will be successful?

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7 thoughts on “Jack Ryan – Season 3 Episode 6 “Ghosts” Recap & Review”

  1. Didn’t think seeing a mountain tunnel blown up could be boring… but, by golly they did it. Where were the flames? The blast? Anything. It just sort of got dusty, then the mountain caved in. I know the nuke didn’t go off, but the high explosives did. Also, I’m straight up tired of extras getting shot by “silent” weapons. Both parts of that. a) So many pointless on-screen killings. b) Noise suppressors do NOT make guns sound like automatic air fresheners. Guns with suppressors still make a loud noise, just not loud enough to harm the gunman’s hearing.

  2. I have no idea why Jack asked the general to slow down. They should have at least kept the same speed, parked the truck and left with the guy in the jeep.
    The most stupid plan ever.

  3. I was very confused when Agent Wright called “General” Ramos only to have a Navy Admiral answer the phone. Seems like a pretty piss poor error from a show that is all about government and military operations.

  4. I don’t think the nuke went off. Earlier in the convoy scene, the commander mentions they are carrying high explosives. The nuke truck driver had a hand held detonator. I think he put it down to switch on the headlights and boom, he collides with the NATO truck. I’d have to watch the scene again though to be sure.

  5. Why didn’t the Jeep driver wait for the truck to stop and then transport the two out of the tunnel? It was a waste of time driving all the way to the end, then Jack getting into the Jeep and driving all the way back in. Stupid plot just to show how much of a man Jack is.

  6. So did the nuke go off or not? If so, where’s the fall-out and how could Ryan, Moore and the driver survive the blast? If not, what exploded to cause Ryan’s truck to crash?

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