Jack Ryan – Season 3 Episode 5 “Druz’ya I Vragi” Recap & Review

Druz’ya I Vragi

Jack does not have the support of the Agency at the start of Jack Ryan episode 5. Elizabeth is the only one who is looking out for him – barely enough.

Kovac is being taken by Radek to Petr’s country house. Cahill is informed by Greer of Petr and Radek’s plan and she instantly gets into action mode. Radek proposes a trade-off between them: her family for Alena. Petr agrees for the same, as he searches Radek’s house with a gun. Ryan heads for Matoska with his team of three – Seike, Rami, and Mike. They look for spots of radiation but Jack soldiers on to show his team the way. Thankfully, the levels are not as high as to prove injurious to them.

Greer tries to track down Kovac. He tries to get the address for his country home and calls Petr. But the old Russian is smart and just cuts off the phone before he can get a pin. He also reveals that he wants the “past leading the present”. He wants the glory of the old USSR restored and for that, he will do anything. In a flashback, we see how Lebedev became Petr. After getting shot, Lebedev took off his vest and insignias and knocked at a man’s door in the woods. He did the stuff beneath a canopy, which is found in the morning. Lebedev murders the man and takes a new identity.

In the building in Matoska, Luka sees the Americans coming and asks the Russians to pack up the weapon. Radek imprisons a handcuffed Alena in an isolated room and sets up traps for Petr. He patiently waits with his rifle for his arrival. The American team makes their way inside the building and are met with Russian resistance. Rami is injured in the process and cannot participate any further. Out in the country house, Radek keeps watch of the house’s front and Alena frees herself. She escapes from beneath the room without alerting Radek.

Ryan and Luka have a one-on-one. Here, Luka confirms that the plan was never to spoil Sokol. The conversation raises suspicions of Luka’s real motives in Jack’s mind. They will not stop the transport of the missiles. Luka says if it is stopped there, they will never be able to find the hand that wields it. It is only a tool for a larger end. Luka will go with the warhead to reach that person who kept Sokol alive all these years. Ryan allows him to walk away.

Alena makes her way into the house when Radek shows up and tells her what her father is planning. Petr shoots him from behind and asks for the keys. Alena watches in disbelief. The Americans ambush the Russians and kill a handful of soldiers, but they are able to get away with the warhead. A chopper evacuates them from the scene. Petr reveals that Alena was greatly helped by his people to elect her. She is only a puppet.

Greer reaches the house in the morning and finds Alena. But Petr is gone. She does not know where. Greers asks for her help to make sure the plan is not successful but Alena is heartbroken over her father’s betrayal. Mike and Ryan discover that the warhead is made to look like a US weapon that will force the world to think they detonated the bomb. Elizabeth is relieved from her duties and taken back to the base in Langley.

The Episode Review

Just because Luka is a USSR veteran, there seems to be doubt about his fidelity. Where does it rest – with the glory of the past or the viability of the future? Episode 5 played dangerously with that notion. There is no clarity, yet, on what Luka tends to achieve, although there is a little voice inside us going “he wants to end it all”.

The nagging question has kept things interesting. It is perhaps Luka’s perceived moral obligation to see it to the end and do his best to solve the crisis. Petr and Petrov’s cabal has many snakes hidden in plain sight. “Trust no one” is actually how most of these players are operating now. It still remains the most significant commodity and will play a decisive role in how this story concludes.

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  1. They need a radiation expert on staff. 1,000 milirem is 1 Rem. That would be measured in Rem/h, this means you would reach your yearly maximum dose in 5 hours (assuming that rate doesn’t change, but it absolutely will).

    Now I would assume the dose rate will increase as you approach this contaminated facility. To have a 1 R/h rate at the distance you need binoculars, the dose at the site would be off the charts as it generally exponentially increases. Meaning you would reach fatal dose rates long before you got to the facility.

    Now they might be sitting in a high dose rate area due to some fuel pellets nearby, but that would mean potential internal contamination of the body, bringing up a whole host of other issues.

    Why can’t they hire someone familiar with radiation to make it somewhat believable? That was one of the silliest examples I’ve ever seen.

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