Jack Ryan – Season 3 Episode 2 “Old Haunts” Recap & Review

Old Haunts

Luka walks into the facility after the soldiers have killed everyone at the start of episode 2 for Jack Ryan season 3. While they all disperse, Antonov stays back & reprimands what has been done. He thought they were heroes but Luka “commands” him to listen to him.

We’re back in Dome. Greer meets an agency Contact, Esma, & hands her money and a message to deliver to Ryan. Elizabeth and Greer are going to Athens. While the former will make sure diplomatic ties remain intact, the latter is going to extract Ryan. It is also revealed that Elizabeth burned Greer after his Karachi mess-up. Ryan follows Konstantin, the man who was chasing him in the last episode. But he is quickly spotted and the roles are reversed.

The chase intensifies as shots are fired. But Ryan manages to slither away. How long can he keep it up? Alexei will assume charge as the new defence minister for Popov. The Russians believe the Americans are responsible for the assassination. The President is unconvinced by the evidence presented. Alexei makes the case that the whole world is bidding against Russia. He mentions Yuri’s death and Gocharov steps in to bolden Alexei’s point. In the next scene, it is actually revealed that Gocharov is Luka, from the flashbacks.

He clears the air about the assassination and says that the money trail was manufactured. The Americans were not behind it. Yuri too wasn’t their doing. Someone else is playing a very dangerous game and they must ascertain who. Eros Makris, the Chief of Police, welcomes the CIA agents. Greer and Konstantin know each other. Konstantin is from the Russian embassy and has issued a Red Notice for Ryan, accusing him of murdering Yuri.

Ryan goes into a clothing store and gets the post from Greer. The message has an address somewhere in Piraeus. One of the American contacts in Athens, Tony, had a run-in with Ryan a few years ago. He might not agree to give him safe haven. But it seems like Elizabeth is playing a bigger game. Kovac is put on lockdown until they get more information. Cahill, from Langley, promises Kovac that the US is not involved. She agrees to cooperate and find out the perp.

Ryan reaches the garage Greer sent him to and he meets Tony there. But it is a light-hearted meetup as opposed to something serious. Radek, one of Kovac’s guards, is involved in the murder and meets up with Kilian, who was with Jana. He is now covering up his tracks and kills Kilian. Radek phones Alexei and says it is done. We turn the clock back and see a young Luka giving the belongings of the scientists to their families. He does so heartlessly and like a true soldier. The last widow acts suspiciously and Luka barges in to find one of the scientists still alive, having called in ill before. Greer reaches Tony and Konstantin is following them. Tony does not tell them about Ryan but is threatened to cooperate. Tony is actually helping Ryan and he didn’t show because he thought it would only be Elizabeth.

Ryan deduces Konstantin is GRU given that he dictates matters in Athens as Tony tells him. Kovac talks with Alexei and she asks about her previous discussions with Popov. Alexei says that any prior deals are off and that Russians have moved more troops into Ukraine. He suspects Kovac is “in bed” with the Americans and cuts off the phone.

Petr warns Kovac to be more careful. She is convinced the Russians got Popov killed. She feels signing the NATO is the only option. The police surround Tony’s garage and he hides Ryan somewhere. Konstantin too barges in with the troops but Tony does not indulge in his line of questioning. Ryan remains well hidden under a secret door and comes out when the troops are dispersed. Luka is angry to learn that Alexei got Popov killed. The Minister apologizes and says that he will earn Luka’s trust. He requests Luka to help him with finding Jack Ryan.

Kovac is out of lockdown and Radek invites her for dinner at his house. It turns out the wife is Jana. Ryan goes to Sounion and meets with Mike, an old American ally. Elizabeth revealed she knew about Greer’s antics with the Hawal network.

The Americans and the Russians both leave empty-handed. Greer feels they should let Ryan do his thing and Elizabeth reveals they are sending him to Prague to settle things with Kovac. Elizabeth has let him off the hook – but just this once. Mike takes Ryan to Santorini, where he shows off his gorgeous house. It is revealed that Ryan has been talking with Luka until now. It was Luka who wanted Ryan to find the scientist. He is Ryan’s source who is giving him intelligence.

The Episode Review

Well, we kind of knew that the old guy was Luka (without, of course, surfing the internet) but the revelation was very subtle. It was almost as if no one would even notice. So, what does Luka have to do with the entire scheme? Why would he be helping Ryan and the Americans?

We do not get more information about Sokol in episode 2 but the writers continue to lay the trap well. The untrusting nature of alliances and enmity in the spy world is truly unravelling in Ryan’s universe and hopefully, it will give our protagonist a way out safely.

As expected, the episode brought along great scenes from Greece and steady progress storywise. Not only did this episode have a good pace but also showed mature themes of politics and diplomacy. Given the contemporary dynamics, Jack Ryan certainly makes the most of it in its universe.

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