Jaane Jaan (2023) Ending Explained – Does Maya D’Souza go to jail? What happens to Naren Vyas?

Jaane Jaan Plot Summary

Soniya D’souza (now known as Maya D’Souza) flees to Kalimpong, West Bengal from Mumbai after her husband, Inspector Ajit Mhatre, sells her off to a dance bar. There, she raises her daughter as a single mother. She runs a café called ‘Tiffin’. One day her husband shows up at her café and house, demanding money. He attempts to buy their daughter, Tara, and the mother/daughter duo end up killing Ajit.

Inspector Karan Anand comes to West Bengal all the way from Mumbai looking for Ajit who was fleeing from the cops in his department. Maya seeks help from her neighbour, Naren Vyas, to get rid of Ajit’s dead body and help save her from being framed for Ajit’s death.

Who does Karan suspect at first?

After finding Ajit’s body, Karan learns the date, time and method of Ajit’s murder. He interrogates a bunch of people and learns that Maya, Ajit’s wife, was the last person with motive who saw him alive. He questions Maya, who follows Naren’s orders, and narrates a rehearsed turn of events to the cop.

Maya tells Karan that she was at the movies on the exact day and time of Ajit’s death. Following that, she claims to have had dinner at a famous restaurant and then some time Karaoke singing with her daughter for a fun night out. Maya swears she had nothing to do with Ajit’s murder. Karan confirms Maya’s alibi and to his surprise, it checks out.

How does Karan land on “Suspect X”?

Despite his doubts about Maya, Karan decides to close the case and is on his way back to Mumbai. He tells the inspector at Kalimpong that since Maya’s alibi is fool-proof, he doesn’t have any prime suspects with motive and hence has to close the on-site investigation of this cold case. He meets Maya at her café and tells her that he is going back to Mumbai.

However, Maya’s colleague, Prema, ends up telling him that Naren is a regular customer at the café because he has a crush on Maya. Karan finally solves the puzzle and realises that Naren had skipped his Judo practice on the day of Ajit’s murder. He suspects Naren and shows up at his college mate’s Judo practice.

Initially, Karan does not suspect Naren and is certain that Maya killed Ajit and sought someone’s help to get rid of the body.

What does Naren tell Karan about Ajit’s murder?

Naren shows up at the police station and narrates a totally made-up version of events. He starts blaming Maya for Ajit’s murder and asks the cops to arrest her. Naren claims that he’s the person who killed Ajit and that’s because Maya told him to. He tells the cops, Karan and Sundar, that he had a secretive relationship with Maya and worked as her bodyguard.

Naren also adds that Maya used to talk to him indirectly through her conversations with Tara and asked Naren to kill her husband. Karan interrogates Maya, who appears to be confused about Naren’s testimony. She tells him that there’s no secret relationship between her and Naren, swearing that she did not give the school teacher any instruction to kill Ajit.

Naren, on the other hand, puts forth an image of a madman who was obsessed with Maya. Karan tells his seniors that Naren’s testimony about the murder matches exactly with the findings of the pathologist. The cops also find evidence of Naren stalking Maya in his house.

Why did Naren help Maya?

Karan concludes that Naren was deranged in a way and had killed Ajit out of spite because he was obsessed with Maya. Naren is put in prison while Maya is let go without further questioning. She asks to see Naren in private as she wants to know why he has done all this.

When she meets him in his prison cell, Maya asks Naren what he’s up to, and he reveals that Maya saved him from dying by suicide when she moved into the apartment next to his. He was trying to end his life after a math problem he had devoted 10 years to was solved by another mathematician merely hours ago.

Naren tells Maya that he was determined to solve another math problem for the next 15 years and the prison cell was the best place for him to devote his full, undivided attention to his first love – mathematics. Maya appears confused but Naren tells her that he owed his life to her and vowed to protect her no matter what.

Whose dead body does Karan find? What happens at the end of Jaane Jaan?

In the final moments of Jaane Jaan, we see that Naren has decided that the only way to save Maya is to change the time of Ajit’s death. He decides for the murder to take place on the following day and picks up a local homeless man from the street. He lures the man with money and uses the exact same MO to kill him as Maya used to accidentally kill Ajit.

After getting rid of the real Ajit’s dead body, Naren intentionally sets up the new body of the homeless man and makes Karan believe that it’s Ajit, intentionally framing him in order to protect Maya and her daughter who put their trust in him.


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