I Woke Up A Vampire – Season 1 Episode 7 “Uncovered” Recap & Review


The collector, who had been unconscious since the werewolf attack, awakens at the beginning of episode 7. Carmie and Kev are on their way to class at the same time, and they continue discussing how, as a vampling, Carmie is in danger from Dylan.

Dylan heads off to the comic book shop. He reveals to the collector that he is no longer certain about going on blended hunts. The collector is persistent though, and forces him to follow through.

Kev later sees Dylan walking away from the shop. When he inquires as to the nature of the collector’s conversation, he brushes him off. He warns the collector to be cautious about Dylan, suggesting that the latter poses a threat. By the end of the day, Carmie and Madison meet up outside school to chat. As we soon find out, Dylan has been watching Carmie.

Leanna appears stressed during rehearsal for the performance because she must do a good job of portraying her character. Following that, Carmie strikes up a conversation that gives her more self-assurance.

Kev discovers blended jars with no blendeds within the comic shop’s collectors cabinet. The collector is also under pressure from a shapeshifter who wants the blendeds immediately.

After the shapeshifter leaves, Kevin overhears his talk with the collector and decides to question him. Since the shapeshifter is holding his daughter, the collector informs him he must deliver the shapeshifter blendeds.

Backstage, Dylan makes an attempt to capture Carmie. Carmie sends Kev a message pleading for help at this point. Madison shows up and reveals her werewolf blended form. Dylan then minimises and captures her instead of Carmie. Kev arrives not long after that, telling Kev that Dylan captured Madison instead.

The Episode Review

In episode 7, with only a handful of rehearsals remaining before the big performance, tensions are high. The Shapeshifter, on the other hand, is impatiently waiting for her delivery. Moreover, Dylan minimises Madison and captures her in place of Carmie.

This show is turning up the heat, especially since the finale is just one episode away. The challenges are getting higher as the deadline for the school play approaches. The supernatural narrative involves a shapeshifter who demands fast delivery of blendeds. With his daughter on the line, the collector is extremely motivated to complete the task at hand.

Now that we’re closer to the final episode, it’ll be exciting to see how things play out.

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