I Woke Up A Vampire- Season 1 Episode 6 “Creature Feature” Recap & Review

Creature Feature

Episode 6 of I Woke Up A Vampire opens with Dylan training. He is seen boxing a punching bag with a vampire sketch on it. The action then shifts to Carmie and Kev, who make a clumsy landing. Carmie says she just wants a normal existence but Kev points out that she is, in actuality, a vampling.

Carmie greets Madison in the hallway as she arrives at school. Madison goes on to tell her that Dylan has her copy of the play. She then decides to take it from him later on.

Kev pays Carmie a visit at her home soon afterward, where he finds out that the family dog, Rainey, has disappeared. Kev contacts Dylan to help him and the twins find Rainey.

Meanwhile, Madison and Carmie attend the school show together. It turns out to be a blue moon day. Madison’s werewolf transformation becomes unstoppable. Carmie follows her into the loo, where they engage in a friendly brawl.

Shortly after, Carmie and Madison talk about their Blended situation on the roof. Madison is warned by Carmie to keep her distance from Dylan because he is a hunter. However, Madison doesn’t think he’s scary. Madison then proceeds to tell Carmie of her decision to embrace her werewolf side.

Carmie finds out that Rainey has vanished not long after. She then rushes to find the dog with the twins, Kev and Dylan. After a while, Dylan locates Rainey, and the group returns with him to the house. Meanwhile, Madison attacks the collector and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 6, at the collector’s film debut, Carmie meets a new friend. Kev contacts Dylan for help in searching Rainey.

Another mythical creature, the werewolf, is featured in this episode. Like Carmie, Madison doesn’t worry too much about the supernatural risks she faces either.

The mythical storyline as a whole takes a back seat to the everyday problems the characters face. In addition, none of the supernatural aspects are particularly interesting because we’ve seen them all before and there’s nothing particularly unique about them here.

The show’s characters also lack any real charm. We can give them a pass because they are high school students, but that doesn’t change the fact that we don’t feel connected to any of the characters.

Now that we’re down to one episode before the season finale, we’re hoping things will begin to pick up. We’ll have to wait and watch how things unfold moving forward.

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