I Woke Up a Vampire – Season 1 Episode 4 “Siblings” Recap & Review


I Woke Up a Vampire Episode 4 picks up where the previous one left off. Carmie’s siblings walk in on her, and they figure out that she’s not normal. Following this, Carmie accidentally shows them her fangs, leading them to believe she is a vampire. Eventually, she corrects them, revealing herself as a vampling.

Carmie’s siblings think it’s terrific that she’s a vampling. Then, on the condition that she serve as a bodyguard during their gaming tournament, her younger siblings agree to keep her true identity a secret. Given the pressure from her siblings, Carmie has no choice but to give in.

Carmie goes to school, where rehearsals are taking place for the school production. One of the performers is hurt during rehearsal, and Dylan steps in to take his place. This prompts Dylan to approach Carmie for help, which he promptly receives. Then, Carmie’s siblings call to ask her to join them at the video game tournament.

The scene then switches to Kev, who is in charge of the comic book shop. He disapproves of the geeky customers’ purchases and suggests reading material to them.

Carmie heads to a shady gaming parlour with her siblings. She uses her abilities to help her siblings during the competition. A warlock then approaches her to explain that she must not meddle with human outcomes. He also implores her to keep her special abilities concealed.

In the comic book store, Dylan takes Kev’s side during his argument with a client. Following this, Kev happens to follow Dylan. When he finds out that Dylan is a supernatural hunter, he gives Carmie a call right away.

In the episode’s closing minutes, Carmie and Kev spy on Dylan while he trains while blindfolded. Dylan accidentally hits Kev with his hunting tool, causing him to shrink to a tiny size. The episode ends as he accidentally falls off the building, and Carmie follows suit.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Carmie has no choice but to help her younger siblings with a video game competition. The Collector has trusted Kev with the store’s management. On set, Leanna goes live, and a problem ensues. Carmie and Kev learn that Dylan is a supernatural hunter.

This episode marks the beginning of the show’s peak, as the best friends discover that Dylan is a supernatural hunter. Kev’s shrunken size and subsequent fall from the terrace just add to the chaos.

The show is starting to get moderately fascinating. You have to wonder what the show’s makers have in mind, despite the fact that we are only just beginning to see the universe the show has built. The show isn’t amazing, but it keeps you interested enough to keep watching.

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