I Woke Up a Vampire – Season 1 Episode 3 “Mirror Mirror” Recap & Review

Mirror Mirror

In I Woke Up a Vampire Episode 3, we see Kev reading comics to learn as much as he can about Vamplings and their foes. He is doing everything he can to safeguard his closest friend, Carmie, since he genuinely cares about her. This leads him to his comic books, where he learns which baddies the Blendeds need be on the lookout for. Following this, he starts looking for the hunter.

Carmie finds out about the photo shoot for the musical when she arrives at school. Through Madison, she also learns that Leanna had informed everyone but her about the photo in advance. Following this, Kev calls Carmie to warn her to be careful and to refrain from using her powers under any circumstances.

When Carmie is getting the picture taken, her fangs accidentally show up. She keeps her mouth covered, though, and gets by. Considering the fact that she is a vampling, her image is too bright.

Carmie returns home and has a heart-to-heart with her mum, Aasha, about all the new experiences and obligations that come with becoming older. Her mother then receives a phone call from Carmie’s school informing her that a new picture of Carmie is required.

When Carmie gets to school, she initially offers a potrait of her previously taken. Carmie requests extra time so she can get ready before posing for the shot when she is asked to do so.

In an effort to hide the brightness, Carmie applies makeup in the dressing room. Fortunately, it works, and Carmie is able to take the photograph. Carmie and Dylan, who is becoming increasingly sceptical of Carmie, are seen walking.

In the meantime, Kev is keeping an eye the people he thinks are the hunter. He’s taken the extra step of making a suspects board. Once Kev leaves, the collector closes the shop. Following this, a mysterious fanged woman pays him a visit. Then she threatens to break the deal unless he collects more Vamplings in the jars.

When Carmie gets home, she tells Kev about the photoshoot that she managed to get by with on call. She then wipes off her makeup and appears bright in the mirror. Following this, her siblings walk in on her, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Carmie finds herself in a time crunch to seem normal for the musical program photograph. Kev, meanwhile, starts his search to locate the Blended Hunter. The collector is visited by a mystery woman with fangs, and Dylan’s suspicions of Carmie intensify.

The episode isn’t great, but the fantasy elements are starting to get intriguing. Many questions are raised as a consequence of the appearance of the mystery woman.

However, the character arcs and the plot remain undeveloped and muddled. I’m curious to see where the show goes from here and if the action picks up.

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