I Woke Up a Vampire – Season 1 Episode 2 “Power Play” Recap & Review

Power Play

In I Woke Up a Vampire Episode 2, Dylan the supernatural hunter is practising on the rooftop. The action then switches to Carmie, whose mother is furious with her for keeping her room untidy. Following that, Carmie impresses her mother by using her superhuman abilities to clean her room.

Dylan is seen having a conversation with the collector about trapping Vamplings. Dylan is pursuing hunting since, as we find out, his forefathers were also hunters. However, the collector is making money off of Dylan’s quests. We also discover that the shortened beings can return to normal with consumption of garlic.

The following day, Carmie is seen using her magic during dance rehearsals. Kev tells her that she has enemies since she is a vampling and advises her not to use magic in public. Carmie, on the other hand, fails to take him seriously.

Later on in the day, Dylan confronts Madison about her near-accident and quick reflexes. Dylan grows suspicious of Carmie after Madison mentions that Carmie was also with her.

In addition, Carmie breaks a punching bag during their training session with Kev. Dylan happens to have his doubts strengthened against Carmie being a vampling as a consequence. Dylan is seen spying on Carmie shortly after as she walks outdoors with Madison and Kev.

Dylan goes to the bookstore in the final minutes of the episode to meet the collector. Here, he meets Kev, and they instantly click because they both love comic books.

The collector then assigns Kev some tasks, which he then goes off to finish. Dylan tells the collector that he believes one of the students (Carmie) is a vampling as the show draws to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on Carmie practising for the musical, though she finds it difficult to exercise control over her powers. Kev learns that youngsters similar to Carmie are being sought after by hunters, as the Blendeds have been reported missing.

The episode explores the paranormal world in further detail. We find out that children like Carmie are being sought after by hunters, and several Blendeds have gone missing. Furthermore, there exist entities that prefer the Blendeds to choose the mystic path rather than the human one, keeping them from having to make that decision.

The show’s mythology is not well-constructed. We can overlook it a little, though, as this is a children’s show. We cannot, however, justify the show’s utter failure to hold our attention due to its convoluted plot and flimsy character arcs.

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