I Woke Up a Vampire – Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap & Review


I Woke Up a Vampire Episode 1 introduces us to our protagonist, Carmie, who wakes up in bed floating in the air. Carmie can’t believe she now has a superpower. Following this, we learn that it is Carmie’s 13th birthday.

We then see Dylan pursuing a Blended kid, reducing him, and capturing him in a bottle. From this, we discover that Dylan intends to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, who were also supernatural hunters.

Carmie and her best friend Kev are seen leaving for school. When she first tells Kev about her abilities, he is suspicious. However, she uses very little effort to kick a large trash can across the street. He is now persuaded of her abilities and attempts to caution her as a result.

Carmie is seen trying out for a spot in the school production of a musical. In front of the crowd, she uses her newfound abilities to cause trouble for Leanna. As a consequence, the principal calls Carmie into the office to reconsider her participation in the school musical.

The scene then cuts to Carmie and a new kid on the block, Madison, walking home together. While walking, they’re close to getting run over. However, Carmie uses her superpowers to avoid the accident. As a consequence, Madison is completely blown away by Carmie’s powers. Carmie evades her questioning and runs off to her house when she presses the issue further.

Carmie’s birthday feast of tacos is waiting for her when she returns home from school. Moreover, plenty of people, including Dylan the supernatural hunter, have arrived.

In the episode’s closing minutes, we cut to Kev’s workplace, a comic book store. The episode ends with the revelation that the owner and Dylan are working together to capture blended supernatural beings.

The Episode Review

After teaming up with her close mate Kev, Carmie becomes aware of her true nature as a Vampling. It becomes evident from additional research that she serves as a supernatural creature that is part vampire and part human. Meanwhile, a newcomer to the neighbourhood is a descendant of the renowned supernatural hunter Van Helsing.

The episode introduces us to the show’s storyline and builds the starting point for it. Furthermore, the primary characters of the show, namely Carmie, Kev, Dylan, and Madison, are presented to the viewers.

The show’s plot appears suitable for a young female middle school audience. The Vampire Diaries and Sabrina the Teenage Witch appear to have served as inspiration for the show. However, it has been tweaked for a younger audience.

Judging from the first episode, the show doesn’t offer much substance in comparison to other kid-friendly content. Moreover, I find the supernatural realm to be rather unoriginal and lacking in suspense, to be honest. The show is at best average thus far. We’ll have to wait and see if things improve.


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