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doing just great


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Little Rabbits


Ivory Daze takes grunge elements and adds their own spin on EP Doing Just Great, and that rock sound merges well with those powerful vocals. A story emerges here too, one that is cutthroat and hazy, properly engaging in an unconventional manner. Lyrically, the band try to walk through the streets of their dismay with their heads held high, though everything points to hopeless fantasies.

That grungy sound almost combusts as the band plays fast melodies, and they don’t loosen up at any moment. They bear the pain, life’s hardships, and uncontrollable desires which become undone while communicating through their unorthodox art.

Nothing is slender here, as the music comes in at an almighty pace, creating a complex, though accessible sound. The band also plays long solos, which only increases their work to great heights, and it may sound audacious, but on this EP there is magic present, a magic that may be a little eccentric and daring.

‘Shallow’ starts the EP with grungy tones which elevate, and the overall sound is gratifying. Those lyrics describe alienation too, acting as a base for the grandiosity.

‘Violet’ opens softly with less energy, but that’s only for a few minutes as the song shows great purpose and dynamism. The band here seems invigorated.

‘Parasite’ is a push for glory. It sounds like a song Nirvana would put out, with those grungy overtones and rock sensibilities put to good use. There’s not much in terms of lyricism, but it’s still a fashionable inclusion.

Ivory Daze confirms their nod to music gone by on this release as there is a massive Nirvana influence rippling through every moment.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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