IU – The Winning Album Preview: Release Date, Tracklist & Where To Stream

IU’s The Winning

Uaenas (fans of IU) from all over the world have been rejoicing over the news of K-pop soloist IU’s upcoming world tour. The singer initially announced that she would be touring in multiple cities around Asia, Europe and North America with her upcoming concert titled ‘H.E.R.’ Following the news of the concert, fans were happily surprised when the singer announced the release of her sixth mini-album, The Winning.

If you’ve been interested in the Nation’s Singer IU’s upcoming album EP release, you may be curious to find out when her new mini-album will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about IU’s The Winning, including its release date, time, tracklist, concept photos, music video and where you can stream it.

Where Can I Stream IU’s The Winning?

IU’s sixth mini-album, The Winning will be available to listen to on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

IU’s The Winning Release Date And Time

IU’s The Winning will be released on Tuesday 20th February at 6 pm KST / 9 am GMT / 1 am ET. Pre-orders for the EP have already begun and will go on until 19th February. Fans can pre-order the album from IU’s fan cafe here as well as other online stores.

IU’s The Winning with release 3 versions – I Win, U Win and IU x Tweety Special Version. Fans can also pre-order the IU X Tweet Special Version from here which will be released on February 22.

How Many Songs Are There In IU’s The Winning Tracklist?

  1. “Shopper”
  2. “Dandelion Spore” (홀씨)
  3. “Shh..” (featuring Hyein, Cho Won-sun and a Special narrator)
  4. “Love Wins All”
  5. “I Stan U” (관객이 될게)

The album has a total of 5 tracks. ‘Shopper’ and ‘Dandelion Spore’ will both serve as title tracks for the album which will also mean that IU may release 2 music videos on the day of her EP release. IU has also participated in the writing for all tracks on the album.

Furthermore, IU has already dropped a music video for the track ‘Love Wins All‘ which also serves as a pre-release single for the mini-album. ‘Love Wins All’ features BTS V in the music video and has already made a record-breaking win for the most hourly Perfect All-Kills (PAKs). 

Are There Concept Photos For IU’s The Winning?

IU has released a total of 16 concept photos for her upcoming mini-album with 8 photos for the I Win version and 8 photos for the U Win version. IU is yet to release the concept photos for the IU x Tweety Special version of the album.

The singer rocks platinum blonde hair in the concept photos as she looks ethereal with gorgeous makeup as well as extravagant outfits.

Is There A Trailer For IU’s The Winning?

There is indeed! Check out the mood film for The Winning below. You can expect Edam Entertainment, IU’s agency to drop teasers of the title tracks ‘Shopper’ and ‘Dandelion Spore’ in the days ahead of the album release. 

 What do you hope to see in IU’s sixth mini-album? Are you excited for The Winning? Let us know in the comments below!

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