It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Episode 15 Recap & Review

The End of The Witch

The penultimate chapter of this emotional drama brings the final confrontation with Hui-Jae and the trio as we finally learn why the evil woman killed the brothers’ mother. It has been an emotional roller coaster so far and the characters have had some excellent development throughout the show

Episode 15 of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay starts with Hui-Jae talking to Sang-Tae as he drinks from a bottle. It’s been laced with drugs by the woman, as he struggles to stay awake. She then calls Kang-Tae and tells him to meet her in the cursed castle. As he arrives there, he starts to panic when he sees his brother unconscious and Hui-Jae grinning at him. He tries to shake him awake but to no avail.

Hui-Jae laughs and explains that she gave him a tranquilizer. She then starts blaming him for changing her daughter and calls her a work of art. Kang-Tae angers the crazy woman by disagreeing, calling her a person. She suggests that she kill him to enable his ill-fated relationship with Moon-Young. Kang-Tae is determined though and tells her she will not get the ending she wants.

Hui-Jae tells him that he should blame Moon-Young for everything and proceeds to tell him why. In a flashback, we see the brothers’ mum doing housework while Moon-Young showed her a bird with a broken wing, suggesting she kill it. The woman then spoke to Hui-Jae about the child’s behaviour and suggested taking her to the same hospital as her son.

In the present, Kang-Tae realizes this is the reason why Hui-Jae killed his mother and it sends him into a fit of rage. He rushes over and strangles her. She goads him on but after remembering Moon-Young’s words, he stops. Unfortunately, Hui-Jae uses that moment to stab him with a needle.

Her mother tells her they share the same blood which prompts Moon-Young to rush over and stab her. Kang-Tae stops her by holding the sharp object in his hand just like when they met in the first episode, reminding her of her promise not to destroy the butterfly. It is not over yet though, as Hui-Jae jumps up and stabs her daughter. Fortunately, Sang-Tae comes to the rescue and hits her around the head with a big book.

After the police arrest Hui-Jae, Director Oh tells Moon-Young and Sang-Tae that Kang-Tae is asleep but will awaken soon. He also tells the brother that he should be proud as he saved both their lives. In the bedroom, Moon-Young cries while holding Kang-Tae’s hand as she blames herself and thinks his life will be miserable if he stays with her.

In the evening, Kang-Tae wakes up and heads downstairs where Moon-Young tells him that he should leave as she believes that every time he’ll see her, he’ll suffer through painful memories. Kang-Tae suggests that they overcome it and pretends that it was a nightmare. She tells him that she doesn’t want to live like that, as this will make her walk on eggshell around hims. Instead, she asks him and his brother to move out the next day.

In the morning, Sang-Tae quizzes his brother over why the head nurse was so horrible. Kang-Tae tries explaining that she was a bad person and didn’t want others to be happy. Later on while making breakfast, Kang-Tae asks Sang-Tae what he will do if Moon-Young wants them to move out. Sang-Tae replies that they will have to take her with them.

Later in hospital, Kang-Tae hands in his letter of resignation as he wants to take it easy from now on. Director Oh reveals that he is leaving too as he doesn’t feel he can study people’s mind anymore after what happened. Kang-Tae then asks him to be his last patient. He admits that he is struggling and can’t stop thinking about what happened. Director Oh tells him that it sounds like he would suffer whether he stays away from her or near her so he concludes that they could help each other out. After discussing the reason why he didn’t kill Hui-Jae, Director Oh explains that they are good for each other.

Back in the mansion, Moon-Young comes down to the kitchen and finds Sang-Tae there. She tells him that they won’t publish the book and that she wants both of them to move. He refuses though and tells her “over my dead body.”

Later on, Sang-In comes to see Moon-Young who tells him she has decided to retire as there are no more stories she wants to write. He tries begging her though but to no avail. Seung-Jae mentions finding another writer but Sang-In tells her that he is more upset because writing is the only way Moon-Young can express herself and she will be very unhappy.

After leaving the hospital, Kang-Tae heads to see Moon-Young in her room who tells him again to move out. He insists that now she knows the feeling of being warm and full, she won’t be able to live alone anymore. He then tells her the story of the two brothers who always brought each other bags of rice each night to make sure they had enough.

The moral of the story invented by Sang-Tae is that siblings should live together to stop them from doing pointless work as they care for one another. Moon-Young doesn’t say anything though so Kang-Tae raises his voice and tells her to stop being so stubborn.

In the evening, Kang-Tae has prepared food for everyone. When Moon-Young comes down, she asks him again when he is going to leave. He tells her that he can’t go back to where he used to live as they had a water pipe burst.

The next day, Ju-Ri calls Moon-Young and asks her for a favour; her mother is not well and needs someone to check up on her. Moon-Young eventually accepts but when she arrives at the house, sees that the woman is not sick and she curses Ju-Ri. Soon-Duk then gives her favourite food as she knows she hasn’t eaten in days and everyone planned this to make her eat. Moon-Young is flattered and asks the others why they’re being so nice. That reasoning comes down to how she treats Kang-Tae.

The brothers have a touching moment when planting a tree for their mother. In the evening, Moon-young returns home to find Sang-Tae waiting for her with his drawing sitting on the stairs. He insists that she needs to check his work as he wants to become an illustrator. When she does, she sees that he drew a picture of Kang-Tae looking happy while he sleeps.

Moon-Young becomes emotional though as the drawing is beautiful. Sang-Tae then decides to give it to her. He reveals that he wants to be the illustrator of a fairy-tale book so he can show his mother by the tree they planted for her.

Moon-Young decides to visit the tree and apologises to the mother. Kang-Tae arrives there too and tells her he will do anything he can to overcome what has happened and asks her to let him be by her side. She walks off but he follows, telling her over and over again that he loves her just like she did to him. In the mansion, Kang-Tae carries on telling her he loves her and eventually they end up kissing. He carries her on the table and kisses her again as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

What a dramatic episode! The beginning sees Hui-Jae almost getting the upper-hand on the trio but thankfully Sang-Tae is their savior. I loved how his character has changed over the weeks and how he has taken the role of protector for his brother and Moon-Young.

They have all suffered greatly and while Kang-Tae is ready to move on and wants to overcome what has happened, Moon-Young is struggling with the recent events and her past catching up with her.

Fortunately, both brothers are determined to stick by her though, which is really heartwarming to see. This series has been very original and interesting, tackling some very serious issues while giving some great character journeys for our trio in the process. Just how the finale will fare remains to be seen, but for now the penultimate episode of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay certainly delivers ac wonderfully emotional penultimate chapter.

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