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Season 1

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Has This Ever Happened To You?
Thanks For Thinking They Are Cool
It’s The Cigars You Smoke That Are Gonna Give You Cancer
Oh Crap, A Bunch More Bad Stuff Just Happened
I’m Wearing One Of Their Belts Right Now
We Used To Watch This At My Old Work



Comedy is a subjective art-form. What one person considers trash, another finds hilarious which makes critiquing this medium incredibly tricky. Having said that, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson isn’t very funny. Nor is it particularly original or clever with its jokes. Split across 6 episodes clocking in at a little over 16 minutes a piece, every episode feels too long, with drawn out jokes and punchlines while other sketches features jokes never quite land or feel so outlandish they just don’t have widespread appeal.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson plays out as a sketch show, with Tim portraying different characters throughout the series and engaging in different gags and sketches along the way. Some do have quite clever premises’, playing on pop culture tropes like a Baby Of The Year competition while others play on the awkwardness of situational comedy like an organist at a funeral. Unfortunately a lot of these moments devolve into shouting, explicitly driven cursing or outrageous punchlines that more often than not don’t land. One episode even continues a mildly amusing gag about a shirt tugging knob to the point of it losing the humour it once had.

Of course, there are some okay sketches here and I was definitely amused by a couple but these moments feel few and far between. The musical interludes between each sketch do a good job breaking things up but it all feels very messy and more miss than hit. Even with this in mind I watched all the episodes in the hope I’d find something to cling to but you’ll know within the first 10 minutes or so whether this show is for you.

From here, the series really produces more of the same with some jokes so outlandish I struggled to find the punchline. At one point a man dressed as a hotdog crashes his car into a building then proceeds to monologue before being chased out the building. Sketches like this sound bizarre and amusing on paper but the execution just isn’t there which is a real shame.

No one likes reading a bad review so I’ll leave it there but unfortunately I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is not my cup of tea nor will it be many others either. Some people will definitely take to this show and that’s great, but alongside so many other comedy options in this category including Little Britain, Mr Bean and the more recent Lunatics, Tim Robinson’s effort pales in comparison.


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  • Verdict - 3/10

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  1. Glad someone else thinks so, only saw positive reviews for this show and it’s just not good. Most sketches have elements that another comedian show could pull off, but they all push the joke too hard and eliminate any small humour that was there

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