Ithaca – They Fear Us | Album Review

Track List

In The Way
The Future Says Thank You
They Fear Us
Camera Eats First
Cremation Party
Number Five
You Should Have Gone Back
Hold, Be Held


This is rebellious and unnerving music by Ithaca, who are clearly a band on the warpath. Similar to innovators Rolo Tomassi, the band merge together fearless vocals with thumping, but enthralling instrumentals.

Beneath the rousing screams is pain waiting to impact the mood. Ithaca knows the agony of life’s upheavals and hardships, and while they veer their music towards the tide of harshness, there’s sincerity breaking through in parts.

Courage becomes a mainstay. The band has taken all their might and strength and has instilled it into They Fear Us. And this record demands attention; even the clean vocals offer a sense of anger. This rage stems from inner conflicts, tortured mindsets and a lack of hope.

The instrumentals are seriously mind-blowing at moments. The band has definitely worked tirelessly on creating enough chord coordination to wow crowds and their technical ability makes this album the pinnacle.

‘In The Way’ starts the record. The screams generate purpose and they engage even for being harsh. The clean vocals emerge, and the lyrics tell us about crumbling empires.

‘They Fear Us’ is a track which starts softly until the riffs revive the ferocity. The screams again become a bed for the clean vocals to shine and the technical ability shown is admirable.

‘Number Five’ opens with a driven guitar riff and screams. The band’s genuine craft comes under the spotlight here, and the lyrics again offer darkness.

‘You Should Have Gone Back’ begins as a subtle reminder. It takes time for the song to fully waken, but when it does it startles. The trickery shown is intricate and flawless.

Ithaca shows genuine talent on their latest EP, They Fear Us, though some may be sceptical before delving in.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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