Itaewon Class – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Itaewon Class returns following that bombshell ending in episode 9 for another strong hour of drama, one that shows the Chairman will do whatever it takes to see his company succeed. With Sae-Ro-Yi executing his plan and plenty of big talking points to discuss, Itaewon Class continues to impress as we reach the business end of this drama.

After throwing hot coffee in his face, episode 10 of Itaewon Class begins with Yi-Seo running away from Geun-Won. He catches up with her though and smacks the DanBam manager, knocking her to the ground. She cries out for help but Geun-Won throws money in the air, telling her it solves every problem… until Sae-Ro-Yi arrives and saves the day. He helps Yi-Seo up and tends to her swollen face.

As police arrive at the scene, Geun-Won tries to flee but the passersby refuse to let him leave. Instead, they hold him back until the police subsequently bundle him in the back of the car and drive off. Sae-Ro-Yi apologises to Yi-Seo and hugs her tightly in the street as news of Geun-Won’s arrest leaks out, along with his confession, prompting the Chairman to begin beating him until he gives up – telling his son to leave as he’s not worth it.

Min-Jung heads into the office not long after and tells him he needs to let Geun-Won go. After bluffing her way through why she knows what happened between them, she remains poker-faced as this idea hovers over like a dark cloud on the Chairman’s mind.

Sae-Ro-Yi and Yi-Seo arrive to meet Min-Jung and discuss the stock price. Given the price would have dropped anyway when the Chairman retired, he tells her there’s no better time than now to try this coup and dethrone the Chairman himself. In order to do that, they need to satisfy two conditions.

Before we find out what they are, Hye-Won is told the truth about what happened by her Father, leading her to run away. As the Detective hurries off to find his daughter, he admits to Sae-Ro-Yi that he’s decided to turn himself in. Eventually they catch up with the young girl and after some heartfelt goodbyes, the Detective readies himself for what comes next.

Pressure mounts on Jangga and it leads the Chairman to berate his luck thanks to his son. Soo-A steps up and decides that he needs to let his son go for the good of the company. Sighing, he sits with Soo-A and discusses his past and Min-Jung’s coup of taking the company away. They don’t have to wait long for this to materialize though, and Min-Jung makes her move as she sits with the Board Of Directors, discussing her proposal to dismiss the Chairman. Geun-Won catches wind of this though and immediately bursts in and confronts her. She holds her own and forces him out as the meeting continues.

Blood is thicker than water – it’s a saying Soo-A admits to hating and one that is reinforced when Sae-Ro-Yi speaks to Geun-Soo later in the day and tells her he’s trying to get rid of Chairman Jang. Geun-Soo decides to head outside for some air, while he contemplates what to do next. As night turns to day, Sae-Rae-Yo arrives at the company to cast his vote as a shareholder on Jang’s dismissal.

The Chairman talks to Geun-Woo about what’s happened in the past and offers him a warm hug – something he’s never really received from his father. The reason for this soon becomes clear though, as the Chairman holds a press conference and admits to the world Geun-Won was involved in the hit and run. It’s a devastating blow for Sae-Ro-Yi and even worse, he throws Geun-Won under the bus and sacrifices his own son to stay at the top.

The Chairman and his son come face to face not long after, with the former showing no emotion toward his own flesh and blood, driving away and leaving him to his fate. Because of this revelation, the proposal to dismiss the Chairman is rejected.

Despite the Chairman winning this round, Sae-Ro-Yi contemplates what to do now as he sits with Min-Jung and learns the truth about the Chairman. It turns out his Father, Mr Park, came up with the idea for Jangga’s signature dish. As the episode closes out, Geun-Won is thrown in prison for 7 years while in the aftermath of this, The Chairman finally admits that Sae-Ro-Yi is his enemy.

It’s taken a while but the Chairman finally admitting outright that Sae-Ro-Yi is his enemy is a big moment in this drama. The rivalry between the two has been bubbling away for a long time but as Jang’s influence has started to wane, Sae-Ro-Yi has never lost that passion and drive to outdo his competition, leading to this very moment.

While the rest of DanBam are reduced to background noise for much of this episode, there’s enough to make for a highly enjoyable hour nonetheless. As we reach the business end of this season, the door is left wide open for what comes next and that promises to be a very interesting prospect indeed.

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  1. Why did Park Sae-Ro-Yi got upset and ran to the bathroom to vomit when he founded out that the chairman confessed his own son of committing the crime?

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