Ishura – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Dakai the Magpie and Regnejee the Wings of Sunset

Ishura Episode 3 begins with a little boy thanking Taren for helping his dad and offering her a handicraft he made. She explains that she did not do anything personally; rather, she set the rules to ensure citizens prosper. The narrator explains Taren’s position on the war against Aureatia.

As she reaches her room, she meets with Dakai and collects the Cold Star she had sent him to collect from Nagan. They discuss the power of the stone and the Great Labyrinth. Taren finds out Dakai isn’t the one who took down the massive Golem.

Taren suspects Aureatia is sending outlaws to attack caravans going out of Lithia and assigns Dakai to look into the matter. Dakai sets out to investigate who is leaking the information. Dakai is quick to find the spies from Aureatia and skillfully uses his sword to take them down one by one before exterminating all of them.

The scene switches to Regnejee questioning his subjects about who ate the Lithian girl. One of the Wyverns is quick to point out Deputy Commander Lukwel. Regnejee uses the Reversing Mirror Disk String-tethered sun to kill Lukwel and sets an example for everyone watching.

Following that, Regnejee takes off to meet Curte. She shows him the braille she is writing despite being blind herself. She attempts to touch Regnejee, but he has his guard up and avoids it. He asks her to sing for him as he soaks in the peace. The scene switches to narrate the history of Curte and Regnejee. Curte then offers to sing once again before Regnejee leaves at the end of Ishura Episode 3.

The Episode Review

In the first two episodes, we observed two incredibly strong fighters introduced with fitting battles. However, with Dakai’s fight, things begin to slow down and are almost nonexistent in Regnejee’s appearance.

At the moment, the series is still focusing on introducing new characters. However, it fails to employ a level of consistency with its fights. Dakai’s moves were excellent, but they severely lacked certain elements that Soujirou and Alus’ fights brought with them.

The battles were particularly magnificent, and a lot of effort was put into developing the opponents of Soujirou and Alus. These elements were missing in Ishura Episode 3. However, let’s hope that was just a trick up their sleeve to reveal something cooler.

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