Ishq Vishk Rebound (2024) Ending Explained – Do Raghav and Sanya have a happy ending?

Ishq Vishk Rebound Plot Summary

Three childhood friends – Raghav, Sahir and Sanya – grow up into adults. Sahir and Sanya end up dating while Raghav is their third wheel as they end up going to the same college. In college, Raghav starts dating Reyah but keeps her a secret from his best friends. After graduation, Raghav gets an offer to write the script for a Bollywood film because a famous producer likes the college play written by him.

Raghav agrees to do it and decides to write a story based on his own romantic life. Meanwhile, Sanya breaks up with Sahir for giving up on his dreams to fulfil his father’s dreams. Reyah breaks up with Raghav due to his lack of commitment to her. Raghav tries to get back with her but concludes that she has moved on.

Raghav ends up accompanying Sanya on a couple’s trip where he finds himself falling for Sanya. The two friends kiss and eventually fall in love. Now, after returning from the trip, Raghav and Sanya decide to keep their rebound relationship a secret from Sahir.

What happens at Sahir’s sister’s pre-wedding party?

Sahir invites Sanya and Raghav to his sister’s wedding. At the pre-wedding party, Sahir tells Raghav that he is about to ask Sanya to get back with him. He also invites Reyah to the party, hoping that Raghav will be able to reconcile with his ex.

Sahir apologises to Sanya and tries to kiss her when she pushes him away. Sanya tells Sahir that she is dating Raghav and the two boys fight. Reyah tells Raghav that she only came to see him because he was pleading to get back with her.

Does Raghav confront his friends?

Raghav gets upset and confronts his friends for ruining their friendship. He tells Sahir and Sanya how he was forced to pick sides between the two of them every time they had relationship troubles.

Raghav also gets upset with Reyah for keeping him hanging when he wants to get back together with her. He adds that it was selfish of her to expect he would be waiting for her. Raghav tells the three that he is done with them and leaves Dehradhun to go back to Mumbai.

What happens to Raghav’s script in Mumbai?

Raghav starts working on the movie script from Mumbai and a year later, he narrates it to his boss. She tells Raghav that his story needs reworking as he was ending it on a very sad note. Raghav tries to rework the story and makes his character end up with Reyah instead of Sanya. The producer of the film loves the ending and hopes that the story will lead to a sequel with Sanya’s character still being single.

One day, Sahir’s sister calls Raghav to tell him that Sahir had injured himself after falling off a bike. Raghav goes back to Dehradun to check up on his friend.

What happens when Raghav stans up against Sahir’s dad?

There, Raghav confronts Sahir’s dad and calls him out for being controlling. He states that Sahir had to alter his life to please him which makes the man angry. He punches Raghav in the face but Sahir intervenes and asks his father to stop. Sahir is touched by Raghav standing up to his father for him and the two friends reconcile.

Sahir tells Raghav that he has sorted things out with Sanya and the two are back to being friends again. He asks Raghav to confess his feelings for Sanya as he is sure they are both in love with each other.

Do Sanya and Raghav end up together?

Raghav apologises to Sanya and tells her that he wants to get back together with her. She tells Raghav that she is not ready to forgive him or take him back yet. With this, Raghav goes back to Mumbai as the movie he wrote will soon be finished filming.

How does Ishq Vishk Rebound end?

A few months later, Sahir calls Raghav and tells him that Sanya has forgiven him. He distracts Raghav while Sanya shows up to his film set to surprise him. Sanya tells Raghav that she still loves him and has forgiven him.

The two kiss and decide to get together as they watch the final take of Raghav’s film. Sanya is confused as she watches Raghav’s character get together with Reyah’s character instead of her character.

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