Iron Reign – Episode 3 “Throne of Blood” Recap & Review

Throne of Blood

Episode 3 of Iron Reign begins with Victor reminiscing about his time in prison. It was a tumultuous time when he had to rely on violence to survive in a place that was rife with vicious criminals. When Victor returns to the port, he is told that Joaquin suffered an accident last night.

However, it is revealed that Joaquin still has a pulse and is not dead yet. Joaquin is taken to the hospital, and is saved. Rocio, Nestor, and Roman learn about Joaquin’s condition, and they immediately leave for the hospital. Roman tries to contact Ricardo, but it doesn’t go through. 

Flaco and Victor join forces to investigate what really happened. If you don’t know, Flaco met Victor (while he was undercover) in the prison and became impressed when the former single-handedly beat four of Flaco’s men. 

Flaco suggests that Joaquin wouldn’t have been in the port unless he was planning on meeting someone. Moreover, they also learned that the camera where the accident happened had been out of service for a couple of days. After reviewing a couple of footage from different cameras, they learn that someone intentionally tried to murder Joaquin. 

Lucia, Ariel, and the Frenchman learn about Joaquin’s condition, but they make it clear that they don’t want to push the delivery dates. The Frenchman contacts Javier and asks him to launder 50 million dollars in a short span of time. Javiar’s contact agrees but demands a hefty commission. 

Flaco decides to stay at the hospital to protect Joaquin in the event someone makes another attempt at his life. When Nestor requests Flaco to oversee the delivery, he tells him that Victor will take his place, and since Victor is an acquaintance of both Flaco and Nestor, everyone agrees. Little do they know that Joaquin is an undercover agent working with a prosecutor to bring an end to Joaquin’s illegal dealings.

The Mexicans arrive at the delivery point, where the Frenchman is already waiting for them with his men. Nestor, Roman, and Victor also arrived at the location with the shipment. 

Things turn intense when the Mexicans notice that someone has swapped the container. Since there are no drugs, the prosecutor has to order the cops to return. However, one of the men notices the cops, sparking an intense shootout. The cops are overwhelmed and soon killed. As the Mexicans and Frenchman leave the warehouse, they ask Nestor and Roman to fix the error, or it will lead to disaster.

The Episode Review

In Episode 3, Victor and Flaco dive into investigating the assassination attempt on Joaquin. Reviewing security footage uncovers some suspicious activity. Meanwhile, Joaquin’s recovery hangs in the balance, but he manages to pull through.

On the other hand, the drug deal falls apart when the truck is found empty. The big question looms: Who took the drugs? Could it be Ricardo, deep in debt and desperate enough to steal? Or perhaps Roman is seeking revenge on Joaquin after discovering his affair with Chris?

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