Invisible City – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Childish Things

Episode 6 of Invisible City begins with a look at Isac’s past as a strange spiritual whirlwind snatches him up. This paves way for Eric to breathe heavily in the present, desperate to save his daughter from whatever is trapped inside her body. As he races back home, Eric learns to his horror that Januaria has left a message pleading with him to return home.

Eric races back into his house, as we flash back and see what happened that night. Eular, the healer, suddenly clutched his chest in pain while Luna hurried out the front door. With little in the way of clues, Eric snatches up her Brazilian folklore book and heads back out on the road.

Trouble is brewing though, as we cut across and see Luna out speaking to different people in the crowd and claiming to be trying to find her Mum. In reality, she’s after Curupira. A race ensues to try and find her, as Eric and Marcia closes in on Isac’s location. Elsewhere, Ines learns that a possessed Luna was the one who hurt Tutu.

This brings Ines to Camila, asking for her help given the possessed spirit inside Luna. While this is going on, Eric and Marcia arrive at the abandoned building but no one is talking. She wants to go the police but Eric is determined not to get them involved, sensing it could only anger Dry Spirit further.

Cico meanwhile, arrives to see Mr Alfonso after finding out he’s the one behind everything, including the fire and releasing the spirit. Cico checks a picture on the shelf where he realizes that the hunter from episode 1 was actually this man’s Father. Now it becomes clear that Alfonso’s plans to find the tomb and buy the land off the villagers was all a ruse.

Isac buys some time for the group, sending Luna on a wild goose chase before using his powers to trap her inside a room. It’s a momentary thing though, enough for Isac to approach Ibere and plead with him to leave before it’s too late. Only, he refuses to do so.

When Isac heads back to the abandoned building, he runs into Eric and shows him where Luna is being held captive. Only, she’s escaped from her prison and even worse, found Ibere. She’s not alone though, as both Ines and Camila arrive on the scene too. A blistering tornado rises up as Luna turns her attention to Isac and kills the trickster, leaving Ibere alive for the time being.

Eric takes Luna away from the crowd and tries to get through to his daughter. When that fails, he turns his attention to the Dry Spirit and asks it to leave and enter him instead. As police cars arrive on the scene, ready to arrest Eric, he turns and shows the whites of his eyes; the Dry Spirit has changed hosts.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Invisible City cranks up the tension and drama as all our characters converge at the abandoned building in their own investigations. Ines’ end-game still isn’t initially clear but everyone has been joined to try and thwart the threat of this evil spirit.

The reveal surrounding Alfonso and how he’s tied to the hunter is a nice touch, giving some meaning and depth to the development project in the village through this season. In truth, we haven’t really been mentioned this in the recaps thus far as it didn’t seem that important but it’s a nice nod to at least explain away what’s happening on a grander scale.

With the Dry Spirit now inside Eric, question marks remains over exactly what direction this one will go in the finale. We’ll have to wait and see of course but this is definitely shaping up to deliver quite the dramatic conclusion to this tale!

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