Invisible City – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

You Will Not Believe Me

Episode 5 of Invisible City begins with an ominous birth in the forest. The familiar electric blue butterfly flutters down, landing lazily on Ines’ face, sealing her fate.

We then cut back to the present as Eric is forced into taking time away from the force. Given how deep he’s fallen into the fantasy element of this investigation, both Ivo and Marcia are unwilling to listen to him. In fact, Marcia’s investigation last time just brings up more questions as she wants to know exactly what Eric has been up. She knows Luna wasn’t ill, especially after her meeting with Januaria.

Sighing, Eric eventually opens up and reveals how Manaus was the dolphin and that all the legends of the past are actually true. Of course, Marcia doesn’t believe him and gently tells the officer to head home.

Eric does just this, as he learns from Januaria that there’s a period of time from Monday night that’s unaccounted for. This night is the same one Manaus was allegedly killed.

Eric believes he’s going crazy, eventually heading in and cradling Luna in her room. There, he finds the necklace that Gabriela gave him to protect the girl from evil. When he places it round her neck, he kisses his daughter on the head and heads out to try and find Camila.

Well, eventually he finds her and admits that he is Manaus’ son. Camila questions just where Eric was the night Manaus was killed but of course he blacked out and can’t remember. Hours are missing, hours that seem to be connected to a strange bearded man collecting rubbish. When he passes by, Camila uses her powers to coerce him into revealing what happened.

Eric got out of his car and spoke to a man in a hat. Apparently Eric grabbed him by the throat and dragged the man down to the water. There isn’t much more to this story though, prompting Eric to head back and visit Cico, apologizing for what’s happened.

Marcia heads back to the morgue, determined to find out more about Manaus. Only, when she gets there she finds the body has disappeared. Believing Ines may have something to do with this, she breaks into her bar and begins looking around. Unfortunately this brings Marcia down to the eerie basement Eric was in several episodes back.

With candles flickering and a red hue hanging over the walls, Marcia spies Tutu lying on the table. He’s also been afflicted with the same, strange white eyes we’ve seen from before. Ines suddenly shows and confronts her.

Marcia is clearly afraid of this black witch but she’s too weak to succumb to the lullaby she sings. This allows Ines to see the deepest secrets this officer holds, including how her family shunned her for being gay. For now, Ines lets her go.

Meanwhile, Isac heads back to his old hangout spot and finds Ibere. Isac admits that he’s scared as Ibere admits that he’s actually the Curupira. He tells Isac to fix this himself, especially given he’s the saci, and wheels away.

While Januaria brings a healer in to try and help a delirious and screaming Luna, Cico goes ahead with his ritual. This brings Eric back to the fateful night Manaus was killed, awakening on the beach as he sees what transpired.

Luna was asleep and Manaus approached. Unfortunately, this aforementioned curse we’ve been hearing about seems to be inside Luna; a consequence of the fire started by the Curupira that night. This seems to have awakened the curse, which in turn has found its way inside Luna. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe anyway.

As Luna’s true power is awakened, the episode ends with lots of intriguing possibilities for the final two episodes.

The Episode Review

Invisible City finally delivers some answers to the questions that have plagued us over the past 4 episodes or so. It seems like this curse was released partly thanks to the fires from Curupira which consumed the forest. Could this also be linked to the dead hunter too?

When Manaus tried to speak to Luna, it seems like it was too late as the curse reached her and whatever this thing is, it’s using her as a vessel. Luna’s screaming with the protective necklace on now makes a lot more sense, as Eric – this channel between the entities and the humans – is being controlled by the cursed being to do its bidding.

This idea is certainly interesting and ties back into the strained father/daughter relationship that’s remained central to this mysterious fantasy series. So far though Invisible City has done an excellent job balancing its different elements and the ending certainly leaves the door wide open for the final two episodes.

With each of these clocking in at under 30 minutes, could we be on course for a trademark Netflix cliffhanger?

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