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There Is No Turning Back

Episode 2 of Invisible City begins with Eric back home, destroying his shirt in a fire and checking through numerous files to try and make sense of what’s happening. Marcia calls Eric, informing him about the dead body, as he races back to the forest to investigate. Marcia has no leads, although Mr Cico stumbles by and is clearly keeping secrets. He’s not the only one though.

Eric walks slowly through the village, noticing how each of the houses close their windows as he passes. With the echoes of Brazilian folklore still bouncing around his mind, he focuses on a pregnant lady hurrying to her house called Fabiana. Eric is desperate for answers and shows her a picture of the dead man from the woods.

She immediately recognizes him as we learn his name was Manaus. He knew Gabriela too but before she can elaborate, Joao arrives to break up this questioning. When Fabiana learns that Manaus is dead, she’s overcome with grief and shuts the door on him.

Well, Cico heads up to see Ines at her bar, breaking the news that Manaus has passed away. She also learns that Eric is on the case and trying to find out what happened.

Elsewhere, little Luna reads her book of Brazilian folklore and decides to try and catch the Saci using tricks she’s read in her book. Well it seems to work too, as Isac arrives that night and greets her. She shows him the book and asks for help in finding the Curupira. In true trickster fashion, he evades her while Luna is busy following his instructions.

Meanwhile, Ines shows up at the morgue. She seduces the guard on duty after transforming from a butterfly into a human. As she heads in the cold, empty room, Ines sees the dead body of Manaus for herself. And just like that, butterflies sprout from her body and blanket that of Manaus, turning him into a legend and destroying the evidence. However, Ines fears something more. His eyes seem to hint that someone – or something – sucked his soul out.

Eric brings Fabiana in for questioning, away from Joao. It’s here we jump back in time and see the strained relationship between Fabiana and Joao. With Manaus however, it was different for her.

Fabiana was immediately taken with this smooth-talking stranger, admitting that he used to just appear. Unfortunately her growing affection for Manaus caused big problems with Joao, who fought with him down on the beach. Gabriela was the one person there who didn’t judge Fabiana for what happened. Now this gives Joao a motive for killing Manaus, and clearly is a suspect going forward.

Thanks to the strange disappearance of the body, Ivo gives the green-light for Marcia and Eric to investigate this further, and if it has any connection with the forest fire case. This fuels Eric’s desire to investigate the case, heading out to Ines’ bar.

The hypnotic singing of Camila sees Eric somehow transported across to the same bar but this one desolate and alone. Under Camila’s spell, Eric divulges everything that’s happened, including why he dumped Manaus’ body in the forest and how he’s in pain because he can’t be the father Luna needs. As Eric snaps out of this trance, he’s carried down into the depths of the water by Camila, who happens to be a mermaid.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Invisible City deepens the ties between characters as we learn more about this strange coven of supernatural beings. While not witches per-se, each of this group clearly hold powers. Camila plays up the siren/mermaid legend of Iara while Isac is the trickster mentioned last episode. Could Ines be the dark witch, the moth-conjuring bringer of death? We’ll have to wait and see of course.

Some of the special effects used in this show have been wonderfully orchestrated and the series has left a lot of intriguing questions unanswered by the end.

Quite what’s in store for our characters next remains to be seen, but with Eric seemingly on his way to the watery underworld of the mermaids, will he escape and learn what’s really happening? We’ll have to wait and see!

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