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You Look Kinda Dead

Episode 6 of Invincible begins with a drunk frat boy called Doug trying to chat up some girls. However, he’s suddenly grabbed by a guy from behind who injects him with a syringe. This happens to be the master plan for a megalomaniac called Sinclair, who wants to make him invincible.

Speaking of which, Mark awakens in hospital after a 6 day coma. Monster girl and Black Samson are still unconscious while Nolan continues to stir things up. He speaks to Cecil and continues to pedal the story that Darkblood is responsible for killing the Guardians.

Determined to try and have a normal weekend, Mark invites Amber off to a college. This college, as it turns out, is the same one where that Doug went missing from. Among those in attendance at the lecture is Sinclair, who claims all the students there are stupid and not up to his high standards.

After their lecture, Amber and Mark head out and begin spending more time together. Only, this is short-lived when a strange robot begins terrorizing campus. Mark gets changed and immediately fights off this robot as Invincible. It’s strong, and seemingly indestructible, until it patches a glimpse of its own reflection. With some humanity still left in Doug, he impales himself.

Meanwhile, Debbie takes Nolan’s super suit to  Art. As they start examining it together, the pair realize that Nolan struck first and was the one responsible for killing the Guardians. They agree to keep it a secret…but unfortunately Omni-Man happens to be hovering around outside listening.

With Amber off at a frat party with a suave guy called Kyle, Mark decides to follow. That’s a problem because Rick has just been snatched up by Sinclair. In fact, Will is grabbed too. This inevitably causes Mark to make a big decision and leaves Amber to save his friends.

As he heads down into the sewers, Invincible finds three different robots who all begin fighting and wearing him down. Will is strung up and tortured by Sinclair. His piercing screams though are enough for Rick to see through his programming and fight back against his creator. Thankfully he and Mark thwart the threat together.

With everything solved, Debbie confronts Omni-Man about killing the Guardians. She sees through his lies and walks away. At the same time, the Mauler Twins head out to a graveyard where they find a pair of teens talking about rumours regarding a superhero.

The Episode Review

Invincible returns this week with arguably its weakest episode. We’ve seen Mark juggling romance and personal issues with being a superhero throughout the show and here it takes center stage. After last week’s amazing episode it was perhaps inevitable the show would slow down a bit but it’s still a little disappointing.

The robot subplot with Sinclair feels like one of the weakest this show has thrown at us, while a lot of the other plots being juggled all seem to be stuck in limbo. At least Debbie now knows about her husband, which is at least a progressive step forward, but beyond that there really isn’t a whole lot else going on.

Hopefully next week can pick up but there really isn’t a whole lot else that can be said for this week’s episode.

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