Inventing Anna – Season 1 Episode 3 “Two Birds, One Throne” Recap & Review

Two Birds, One Throne

Episode 3 of Inventing Anna begins with Vivian at Rikers with Anna. She brings up the Anna Delvey Foundation, but she vehemently declines to admit that she and Chase were in love. According to Anna, she was just using him as a means to an end, pointing out how many languages she’s fluent in and also how brilliant she is.

Vivian continues to brush aside her commitments to being a mum, leaving Jack to put up the crib and sort all the other trivial things with being a parent out himself. With her Anna wall staying up for now, Vivian chases leads by heading off and speaking to Nora.

Vivian promises to shield Nora’s identity, which is enough for her to open up. Nora reveals that Chase and Anna stayed with her for several months in 2014. Anna didn’t want to take daddy’s money anymore so she decided to go on her own. Chase meanwhile, put all his money into his start-up. Nora saw straight through Anna though, calling her a “name dropper” and reveals how she never got up before noon. Nora also wasn’t fond of Chase either.

This timeline we jump to occurs right after the Val incident, with Anna and Chase staying at Nora’s place. Chase has her meeting three prominent people in the morning; lead architect Gabriel Calatrava, Sasha Thomas, the founder and lead gallerist at Thomas & Fortman; the third happens to be Richard Lavin, who manages all of Manhattan’s highest-end properties.

Unfortunately, Anna Delvey runs into a big roadblock and with a blank “no” all round, Anna decides to use Nora to open doors and get people to join her team. Chase is quick to remind her that Nora is prickly and usually only helps those who need it but Anna is a hustler and soon tags along with her as she heads out on her rounds. In doing so, Anna ends up meeting a fair amount of influential women.

Meanwhile, Chase decides to leave and heads to Open Air Berlin, only it turns out it was actually cancelled this year. So where is Chase? Anna is a mess and winds up drinking and leaving numerous voicemails asking that very question.

As Vivian continues on the trail of finding out where Chase is, we learn that in 2015, Silicon Valley actually invested $3 million into Chase’s app but despite being the next big thing, he went dark several months later. It appears as if everything has gone wrong for him and he’s hiding from his investors. There are rumblings that he’s in Dubai working for the Sheikh. So naturally, Vivian begins ringing around to numerous hotels in an effort to figure out if that’s where he really is.

Visiting Anna again helps to shed a bit more light on this, including how Chase has run out of money but he’s about to get a 2 million investment from Nora’s friend. If she finds out about his finances then it’s game over. For Anna, she claims again that Chase was just an inconvenience.

When Vivian manages to track down Chase, they videocall together as she learns more about what happened between Chase and Anna. His company, Wake, wasn’t doing too well and with him swimming in debt and responsibilities, Anna “lets slip” about Wake’s issues to Nora. This is, of course, her way of getting exactly what she wants, no matter how far that causes Chase to fall.

This shift sees Nora bring Anna rather than Chase along to her big art fundraiser, which helps get Anna’s name out and pinch the connections that Chase and Nora had worked so hard to secure. They eventually part ways though, with Chase even urging her to let him have 40% off the Anna Delvey Foundation. Naturally, she refuses.

Vivian takes this news and heads off to see Catherine again. She spins the story, asking about whether Nora filed a complaint against Anna. Catherine refuses to play ball so Vivian plays her hand and spins the entire story, claiming that the real crook in all this was actually Chase. Apparently all of her sources back this up too.

It’s enough for Catherine to open up after this lie and admit that someone changed their mind about pressing charges. And that someone happens to be Nora. It turns out there are a whole bunch of different charges on her card, which links back to when Anna signed for Nora at the shop. Anna ended up clocking an eye-watering amount of $400k on Nora’s account.

Is this enough to convince Vivian that Anna isn’t actually a nice person and a big con artist? Well, Nora claims she dropped off a package for her, brought in by Val at the time.

Vivian eventually heads off to see Todd, urging him to let her be part of the team. Eventually he caves and it gives Vivian a big break. And with a lot of big details to go on, Paul and the team allow Vivian to have a couple more weeks on the task.

The Episode Review

Is it just me or is Vivian a really terrible journalist? Like, I know some journalists are biased but honestly, Vivian isn’t even trying to be impartial. She’s immediately gone into this head-first, deciding that Chase is the one to blame and there must be a reason for Anna’s indiscretions. The fact that she’s jumping to the defence’s side and urging to be pat of this whole operation to help Anna just reeks of bias.

However, away from that this third episode does give more clarity over what happened with Chase, how Anna played him like a fool a dhow Anna managed to worm her way into the upper echelons of society – as well as committing credit card fraud too. It’s quite the play but we’ll have to wait and see what Vivian has to make of all this, especially as she manages to uncover a whole wealth of details over Anna’s history.

With each episode clocking in at a little over an hour, this is a long show and the upcoming chapters look to be even longer too. Whether there’s enough story to justify that, remains to be seen.

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