Invent Animate – Heavener | Album Review

invent animate

Track Listing

Absence Persistence
Shade Astray
Without A Whisper
False Meridian
Immolation Of Night
Purity Weeps
Void Surfacing


This is yet another competent release from Invent Animate, which is a band clawing for respite from the surging noises in their heads and the demons that parade like scaremongers.

On Heavener, the act draws from deep places and they use their talents to create art that is unnerving at times as well as being unconventional. This isn’t a bad thing, as unconventional music shows bravery and a deft touch.

The band has been eager to represent the post-hardcore sector for years, and with this album, they’ve definitely shown character and immense enthusiasm.

Through and through, the act doesn’t waste any of their energy, and they have implemented such artful tones and rhythms to create blistering sounds which shouldn’t be understated.

‘Absent Persistence’ starts the record off in a slow build-up until the rapid guitars and ferocious percussion interweave. The vocals aren’t buried though, as they’re apparent and clear, even when the screams rekindle a spark.

‘Reverie’ has a slow intro with clean vocals that tells us a tale of scars and lost love. It’s a standout song pleasing on the ears and unlike any other track on the record.

‘Void Surfacing’ opens slowly again until the electric guitars impose in a gratifying way. The screams ensue and the drama unfolds, piercing through the noise. That impactful story keeps on giving.

Invent Animate delivers a special album here, using every bit of energy and resolve they have.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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