Invasion – Season 2 Episode 6 “Pressure Points” Recap & Review

Pressure Points

Episode 6 of Invasion Season 2 begins with Aneesha and Luke’s subplot. The convoy is stranded around 100 miles in Wyoming from Camp Pierce where the military is apparently holding Sarah. Luke and Ryder discuss the alien shard in the back as Aneesha listens in. All of a sudden, Luke starts hearing voices in his head and screams that there is danger ahead.

Through the mist, several hunter-killer aliens emerge and chase the convoy vehicles. All of them, except Clark and Aneesha’s vehicle, are hit. It is unclear at the moment if they have lost people or not. Aneesha and Clark’s vehicle turns over as the latter tries to swerve away from another vehicle on the road.

Next, we turn our attention to Paris, France, where the “Stupid kids” brigade has marched on. Darwin isn’t with the group anymore as he was shipped off to a hospital after getting injured in episode 4. They decide to stay the night at Monty and Pen’s house and then make their way to the hospital the next day. The kids enjoy the lavish house and feel good to experience normalcy again.

They discuss the day ahead as Monty plays spoilsport and speaks the truth about the situation. All this optimism that has urged them on might be in vain if Caspar is not at the hospital – or worse, if he is dead. It is a pretty plausible solution and Monty is absolutely right, although the delusional Jamila isn’t too happy to hear it. Episode 6 moves on to Mitsuki’s subplot, which wasn’t expected. But it is the most interesting thing about Invasion and makes this episode watchable.

Nikhil wants to send her back in; even Mitsuki wants to go in herself. But Maya throws caution to the wind and first wants to give her a baseline test. If they lose their best asset to win the war, imagine how the world would react. Nikhil begrudgingly agrees and Mitsuki fails the test. Maya pushes her to the extremes since the alien force would do the same.

Aneesha and the kids regain consciousness. However, Clark is badly injured. He is lucky to have survived and they pull him out of the car. Aneesha ties a belt around his wound to stop the bleeding. It turns out that much of the convoy has magically survived and has made its way to them. Hanley suggests they camp for the night, stay away from the aliens, and journey on the next day. But Aneesha feels they should keep on moving as the aliens wont’s stop hunting them. Clark decides the latter is right and the group marches ahead.

Jamila’s sleep is broken as she cannot find or hear Caspar’s voice in her dreams. Does this mean that he has woken up from his coma? That is what it seems like, for now. She finds Monty awake as well. He explains that he has been upset over his father’s lack of presence in Penny’s and his life. He divorced their mother and married another woman, with whom he lived in Paris. Jamila tries to dissuade Monty from thinking that his father doesn’t love him. Monty recognizes he was wrong to say the truth earlier and apologizes as well.

In the defining moment of the episode, Mitsuki goes back in. She talks to Hinata in Japanese as the alien tries to explain that she is not real. It asks Mitsuki to take off her helmet to show her something and she obliges, much to the surprise of everyone outside. Mitsuki is transported to a serene beach where a small girl flies a kite. That small girl is Hinata and the setting is from one of her memories as a child. Mitsuki feels a profound heartache seeing the vision and moves her hands in a strange way. Maya is alarmed to see her vitals going off the charts and Mitsuki experiencing tremors.

Tomas ventures in closer and recognizes they aren’t tremors but Mitsuki using Morse code to communicate with them. They decide not to pull her out. The alien force invites Mitsuki to stay back with it in the dream landscape but Mitsuki turns it down. Maya uses this opportunity to use the electromagnets in the room to shake up the life force. It screeches in pain and Mitsuki falls unconscious to the floor. She is retrieved from the room as the force retracts.

When Mitsuki wakes up, she recognizes that the vibrational frequencies that the alien emitted after being exposed to the electromagnets are the language of the aliens. It is firmly in her head. She can perhaps translate this warbling into written language, study it, and make more inroads into communicating with them.

Jamila and the group reach the hospital where they lose all hope seeing the aftermath of the alien attack. Jamila has a meltdown but Monty tries to calm her down. Penny hears a tapping in one of the rooms and it turns out that Caspar has woken up from his slumber. Jamila embraces him and the group looks up to him to point them in the correct direction.

Luke once again hears a voice and points towards a pod of sleeping aliens. When one of them awakens, the convoy starts to run. The other aliens get up and chase them. A few members are lost but the convoy is able to find Bradford waiting for them on the other side with transportation.

Rachel realizes that her little girl is lost in the woods. Trying to set an example, Aneesha rushes in, despite protests. She is able to find the girl and ventures out of the woods with her. But she is confronted by an alien right in front of the convoy. Clark ceases fire since Aneesha and the child could get hurt. Aneesha uses all her bullets but the alien does not die. It is Luke who saves their life by continuously screaming “Stop!” to the alien, finally able to get inside its head. Luke neutralises the alien and the convoy is able to get away, safely.

The Episode Review

If it hadn’t been for Mitsuki’s subplot, this episode of Invasion’s new season would have been unwatchable. It is really befuddling that it’s so bad, considering how much money has been spent and the creative talent involved. The imagination of the writers continues to disappoint as they still cannot come up with decent, natural-sounding dialogue. While Jamila and the group’s journey to Caspar is now significant as he has woken up from his coma, the execution has been nothing but underwhelming.

Things should improve with Caspar’s inclusion. But watching them talk nonsense and doing nonsensical stuff was torture. The glaring logical impossibilities in Aneesha’s subplot in this episode were laughable. It was done so poorly that you’d be more bemused than frustrated watching it unfold.

On the first occasion, the aliens are able to hunt down fast-moving vehicles but they do not kill the convoy members. On the second occasion, when they are on foot, the aliens are not able to catch them. They do get a hold of a few members and then kill them instantly. Why couldn’t they kill them earlier? What changed now? Golshifteh must be wondering what sins she committed in the last year that her arc has been so mercilessly destroyed.

Invasion’s last episode was a surprise. But the show has gone back to being a disaster. It is only Mitsuki – a.k.a. Shioli Kutsuna – who is saving the show’s blushes. Season 2 has been wholly unwatchable and disappointing up to this point.

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