Invasion – Season 2 Episode 5 “A Voice from the Other Side” Recap & Review

A Voice from the Other Side

Episode 5 of Invasion’s new season begins with a mysterious cold opening. It involves an elderly couple, Martin & Lisa, on a farm, venturing out at night to confront strange alien-like noises. We see an alien lifeforce looking at the couple, who have lost someone dear, possibly an offspring.

Meanwhile, President Benya informs Nikhil over video conferencing about the new threat of the reinvigorated alien species. They’re calling them “hunter-killers.” This species is almost immune to all forms of weapons, chemical or otherwise. 

Benya expresses her concerns that these new aliens are deadlier and are proliferating faster. They need a cure soon otherwise they will lose the upper hand in this war. Mitsuki says she can try to get into the aliens’ heads and Nikhil warns Maya to let Mitsuki work without limitations put in place for her own safety. Meanwhile, the search for Sarah continues near the ravine. Jackson notices footprints and tire marks in the sand that point towards a military convoy’s involvement in her disappearance. Back at the camp, Luke expresses his guilt at feeling responsible for Sarah’s abduction.

Hanley, one of Clark’s most trusted men, seems confused as to why the military would risk everything to apprehend a little girl. He believes Aneesha is hiding something from them. One of their spotters saw the convoy head South along the highway, where this new breed of aliens was also spotted. Mitsuki senses that the alien is communicating with it on frequencies that Nikhil’s team isn’t monitoring. She proposes that they provoke the alien to reveal itself. 

Trevante has been hiding in Rose’s apartment. They still do not fully trust Caspar’s drawings as having hints. But their instinctive reaction is to follow the leads. Rose spots a drawing and recognizes it as a place in town. Luke confesses to Ryder about his family’s true identity and why the military has taken Sarah away. Hanley overhears them talking and confronts Aneesha in front of everyone. He tries to rile up the others against the Malik family but Clark tries to calm things down. 

He covers for her by lying to everyone that Aneesha told him the truth on day one. He also announces that they will gear up to save Sarah from the military, even if it risks the lives of the people in the Movement.

When Rose and Trev reach the spot, they see crows flying in concentric circles. The drawing shows the scarecrow in the field and its vantage point is from above. The low-intensity thrumming of an alien force is once again heard in the vicinity and Trev notices the grains of mud forming a pattern, just like we saw in the previous episode with Jamila and the water.

Rose and Trev follow the noise to Martin and Lisa’s farm. It turns out Rose knows Martin. When they approach him, Martin whispers “Wajo,” something that Luke kept repeating in the scene with Ryder. Martin is shellshocked and Lisa is missing from the house. He explains that Lisa was pulled up in the sky by the aliens. Before we can learn anything more, someone from the military arrives and takes Martin away. Trev and Rose turn toward the farm, where the former asks her about Billy, a name Martin mentioned while explaining where Lisa went. Rose bursts into tears and falls short of explaining who he is to her. 

We see the same pattern of crows above the lab in Brazil, where Mitsuki works on her plan. Maya assures her that irrespective of what she has been instructed to do, Maya will not risk Mitsuki’s life for the mission. Mitsuki goes in with the alien and tries to execute her plan. After a few tries, it finally responds with an RF signal. The response grows stronger and the alien emits a painful shriek that everyone hears. 

In a bizarre turn of events, Mitsuki hears the alien communicate with it in Japanese, asking it to stop the provocation. It assumes the shape of a small girl, who is familiar to her. We don’t know yet who she is. Mitsuki turns off the irritant signal to ease the alien’s pain. It finally communicates why they’re on Earth: to understand the conflict between humans and their species.

The surreal finale of episode 5 sees the alien emitting Hinata’s voice and completely submerging a willing Mitsuki in its extraterrestrial blob, where she definitely sees Caspar calling out for Jamila. Before anything more can happen, Maya pulls her out. Mitsuki, who is badly hurt, says this to end the episode: “They’re out there.”

The Episode Review

Has Invasion’s new season turned a corner with its newest episode? It is hard to tell, yet. But episode 5 is arguably the best one in Season 2, much thanks to Shioli Kutsuna’s stellar performance. And for some reason, her arc has been shaping up promisingly thus far. Whenever the episodes alternate into this category of subplots, Invasion starts looking a little decent.

I still do not like the Malik family’s subplot, however. It has deteriorated at an alarming rate from the first season, where it was a mainstay. Golshifteh has been subpar as Aneesha but she hasn’t had much help from the writers either. Their characterization continues to remain deceptively progressive and the writers need to pull up their socks to make something out of it.

Rose’s addition to Trev’s subplot should unlock more intriguing doors. I feel this arc also has decent narrative potential. The interconnectedness in Invasion’s universe is slowly building up, which can lead to pivotal answers about its story. Maybe…just maybe, Invasion’s Season 2 has a chance.

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  1. This show is so bad that it does not make sense. Just playing it as a background. Agree the most annoying part of this show is Aneesha’s family. I see no reason why she wants to keep that Alien piece at the risk of her family’s safety. The gov could just take it rather than take her family. And it is not just once, but twice the military convoy is attacked when Aneesha is on them.
    Bad, bad, worst Apple TV show ever. Most casts acting is consistently bad (very few are tolerable).

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