Invasion – Season 2 Episode 2 “Chasing Ghosts” Recap & Review

Chasing Ghosts

The new episode in Invasion’s Season 2 focuses on the characters of Trevante Cole and Jamila. While the season opener was focused on Aneesha and Mitsuki, they do not appear in this episode at all.

Trev and Jamila are both shown to be adjusting to normal life after the events of the last season. The former is impacted by the war he left unfinished and is taken by the wonderment of what the aliens actually want. He still has Caspar’s book and often thinks about his special abilities. An incident from his sister Shiona’s backyard party perfectly captures his preoccupied mind.

Darien and Shiona’s son, Jordan, falls into the pool in the deep end. Unable to get back to the surface, Jordan starts drowning. Trev jumps into the pool without a second thought and retrieves him. He frenetically pumps the water out of his lungs and saves his life. But Trev turns uncharacteristically angry and curt with Jordan, reprimanding him for “giving it to the aliens so easily.” Shiona screams at his face to make Trev stop and he disperses from the house. 

Trev has been frequenting an internet cafe to get more updates about what is happening out in the world. He is desperate to find Casper once again and resolve all the unanswered mysteries about the invasion. Trev struggles to get a breakthrough and reels from the impact on him after his wife, Learah, left him.

When he goes back home, Shiona professes to him about how people like her see life now. They are not blindsided by the invasion and want to keep on living their lives to the fullest. Ultimately, they know the end is near because of the invasion. And that gives them more reasons to spend quality time with family.

Trev does not understand this chain of thinking. He wants to fight the enemy and save the world. Shiona encourages Trev to follow his instincts and finish his business with the aliens. He finally finds a clue in one of Casper’s drawings, which leads him to McCurtain County. Trev dons his military uniform and gains entry into the base by lying about how Camp Blending has sent a shipment of troops. But he is the only one who has survived. Trev is later caught at the facility as the soldiers corroborate his story and find out the lie.

Trev is put into jail and his belongings – which include Casper’s book – are kept away from him in a locker. Meanwhile, in the UK, Jamila has had recurring dreams about Casper calling her name. She is also struck by a red moon, almost as if it were set on fire. She stays countryside with her mother and the other children taking shelter there. However, her visions are not validated by the rest of her family, especially her mum. A few days later, they are informed that more areas in the UK have been infested and the air has become toxic.

She has an encounter with an old man stealing rations from their storage. He begs her to let him take enough to feed his family. But what intrigues Jamila is his description of the “red moon” and how the air turns toxic as police and military personnel break the alien spores. This is enough hint for Jamila to run away from the house and head to the hospital where Casper was previously being treated. Her mother gets emotional when she reads Jamil’s letter. But she takes solace in the fact that Jamila isn’t afraid to follow her beliefs.

Two cops warn Jamila not to proceed further in the city when they spot her all by herself. She doesn’t heed their advice and goes to the hospital. Casper isn’t there and the records indicate that he has been transferred to Paris, as revealed in episode 1. She goes to a health camp in the city to encourage Alfie and Darwin, friends of Casper, to go with her. They decide not to let Jamila make the trip to Paris alone, aware of Casper’s importance in this fight. 

We see yet another familiar face from the previous season when the teen trio stumbles upon Monty’s father’s luxurious garage as they seek transport. Monty is home alone with her younger sister Penny. At first, they do not want to make the trip with the trio. But Jamila’s conversation with Monty and Penny changes their minds. Monty’s father also has a flat in Paris, which they can use for shelter. They take his father’s Jaguar and head towards Paris.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Invasion’s new season continues to frustrate with its laggard storytelling. Once again, the creators of the show seem to be making the same mistakes. There hasn’t been a corrective pickup in urgency at all in the story. How long will this build-up take? We are no closer to getting any answers about why the invasion happened and how it will be stopped. With so much effort already poured into the project, it is high time we see tangible results. 

Ultimately, Invasion’s fate will be decided by how well the pieces of its puzzle fit, not the high production values. Episode 2 had a lot of impressive camera work and set designs. But I fail to understand the emphasis on pushing the story in the direction it is going and the disbelief of suspension vis-a-vis the children’s gang. That arc will mostly evoke scoffs and derision if minutes get wasted going forward.

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  1. The man saved your sons life. And also screamed good advice to him that he needed. Only to kick him out. SMM please what nonsense. That would never happen in real life…

  2. I was thinking the same thing about kicking out the guy who saved your son because he yelled at him. I did think this episode was slow and frustrating, but I loved the first episode.

    They do need to pick up the pace though. I’d give the first episode a 4.5 and this one a 2.

  3. Glaring Mistakes: the first time Trevante goes to use the computer we see a mountain in the background. He’s supposed to be in Miami. When he drives past the Florida state line we see a bunch of mountains. This all looks like it was shot in or near Burbank.

  4. seriously? kick out the man who saved your son from death?
    just because he shouted at son?
    this stu..d woman should be kissing his a.. for saving his son!
    who wrote this script? what nonsense…. 🙁

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