Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse Original Score – Daniel Pemberton – Album Review

Track Listing

Disk 1

Into The Spider-Verse
One One Spider-Man
Visions Brooklyn 1, 2, 3
Security Guard
Comic Book
Green Goblin Fight
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Collider
Escape The Subway
Mi Amor
Spider Training
Rest In Peace
My Name Is… Peter B Parker
For The Love Of MJ
Peter Enters The Spider-Verse
Cemetery Splat
Catch The S Train
Quantum Physics
Gimme The Goober
Alchemax Infiltration Plan
Alchemax Arrival
Spider-Man Science
Take The Computer & Run
Are You Ready To Swing?
Gwen Enters The Spider-Verse
Kingpin Clicks
Aunt May and The Spider-Shed
The Prowler
Breakdown the House..
..and Tear Off The Roof
On Your Way
The Team Leaves
This Spark In You
Spider-Team Mission
MJ In The Restaurant
Suicide Squad
Miles Morales Returns
Saying Goodbye
Shut It Down
Kingpin Fight
Shoulder Touch
Spider-Man Loves You



Whenever I write reviews, there’s usually a whole range of different scores and classical compositions I listen to while putting pen to paper. Every so often one comes along that’s so unique and different to what’s out there right now it demands repeat listens. Step forward Composer Daniel Pemberton whose electronic infused soundtrack introduces so many different sounds and instruments over the course of 44 tracks that even after listening to this almost every day on and off for a week, I still find myself amazed at the way this is done without the score sounding cacophonous or bloated.

For anyone who’s seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, some of the tracks here will be instantly recognisable. There’s a whole range of different sounds and influences boasted throughout the run time with teasing echoes of trip hop, chill-out, funk, classical and everything in between thrown in for good measure. There’s even a track that builds a crescendo up to a door bell chime. It’s something that almost feels destined to fail from the outset but this unique blend of sound complements the film perfectly, hammering home that message of individuality and embracing your inner weirdness.

There’s a consistent tonal shift between light and dark here too, matching that of Miles Morales’ journey in the film. Pockets of danger through some of the more tense moments of the film are graced with low, distorted horn blasts. Chase sequences use a range of different drums including bongos and an actual drum kit with some neat DJ scratches thrown in for good measure. This blend of style and influence is typified perfectly through some of my favourite tracks off the album, which include Catch The S Train, Breakdown The House, Miles Morales Returns and Spider-Man Loves You.

Given the fact we reviewed the original soundtrack earlier this week, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is the one film this year that manages to nail both its soundtrack and score, delivering two very competently produced albums to accompany an equally excellent film. While the soundtrack embraces a distinct hip-hop flavour, the original score is a lot more ambitious, embracing a dizzying array of instruments and interesting sounds. I never thought I’d see the day where DJ scratches, doorbell chimes, horns, jazz, funk and everything in between found its way into a film score without losing sight of the overall tone. Props to Daniel Pemberton though because this score is fantastic, and one that equals Dynasties’ in terms of majesty and originality. 

  • Verdict - 9/10

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