Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap and Review

The Final Stretch

After a tense and thrilling 6 episodes, Into The Night comes to an end with another fast-paced episode. This thriller has been quite the pleasant surprise and certainly a decent one worth checking out. While it does end with the usual and expected cliffhanger, it still gives a decent conclusion to its main premise as the group find what they were looking for.

The season 1 finale of Into The Night starts with what seems to be a dream of Terenzio as he gets into his fancy sports car and sees Ines in the passenger seat.  She tells him he really showed Ayaz who’s the boss and as he apologises to her, she tells him he’s weak. We then cut to the plane where we see that he has been banished under the floorboards after Ayaz came back.

Meanwhile, the passengers discuss the coordinates given and see that the bunker may be under a dam which would protect them against the sun. Unfortunately, they are missing a few decimal points to the coordinates so they are not sure exactly where it is and they will only have 30 minutes to get there before the sun rises. Sylvie tells them that it is their last option and that as soon as they land, they need to be ready to go.

Zara decides to speak to Ayaz who has offered to carry her son. She explains that she is not sure she will be able to run for very long as she is weak after selling her kidney to be able to pay for her son’s treatment. She makes him promise to carry her son no matter what, which he agrees to.

Back in the cockpit, Mathieu congratulates Sylvie on being a good leader. She dismisses this notion though given her past and he simply tells her he is sorry for her loss, but she needs to forgive herself.

At the same time, Rik apologies to Ayaz for leaving him behind. Ayaz is surprised but accepts his apology. After the latter tells him of his time in prison and not returning to his family, Rik admits to the real reason why he was heading to Russia. As he takes the picture of Sveta out, Ines recognizes the woman as a model and this is when Rik realizes that he has been catfished.

After Mathieu talks to the passengers about their upcoming landing, he speaks to Sylvie and makes her promise to leave him if he slows him down. Sylvie then heads off to speak to Ayaz about Terenzio. He decides to bring him with them despite the others not agreeing.

After landing, they divide themselves into two groups and find some military vehicles. With just 24 minutes left, they start making their way to their destination. During the journey, the tension intensifies between Laura and Terenzio about his previous behaviour.

Ayaz is driving one of the cars but suddenly starts having a fit which causes him to crash. They are unable to start the car again so Horst, Ines, Ayaz, Zara and Dominik have to carry on by foot while the others reach the facility. As they do, the gate shuts behind them automatically. Osman rushes to keep it open but he gets an electric shock in doing so. Terenzio decides to stay there to keep it open by pressing the button as the others head inside. However, Sylvie handcuffs him to the pole as she doesn’t trust him.

Ayaz’s group arrives near the facility but an electric fence stops them from going any further. Horst comes up with the idea to use the tyre as a conductor. They eventually manage to climb over and run towards the dam with just 3 minutes to go until sunrise, Sylvie’s group reach the door to the facility and after opening it, Sylvie decides to wait outside for the others.

Just as the sun is starting to come up, she sees them and they all head inside while Terenzio tries to free himself. Unfortunately he’s not able to and just stares into the sun, waiting for his death. Back in the bunker, the group comes face to face with soldiers who bring them inside. The one in charge tells them they won’t get any rest and as he realizes that they have been spending the last week trying to survive, he reveals that they are going to solve the problem but need their help as the episode ends.

What a tense finale! I must admit I was hooked until the last minute as the group scramble to escape the sun and reach their destination and last hope. Ayaz’s return brought Terenzio’s demise, which in turn gave quite the clever twist when the passengers leave him to die despite him being the one who saved them. While we are left to think that he has died, we don’t actually see it so perhaps a second season might give us another twist with his survival?

As with many Netflix originals now, Into The Night ends with a cliffhanger. However, it does give us some sort of satisfying conclusion as the group finally reach a safe place for now after running from the sun and facing many difficult obstacles. Just what the soldier meant with his cryptic words remains to be seen and if a second season is green-lit, hopefully we’ll find out.

For now though, anyone looking for a tense and thrilling series should find what they need with this one as it definitely ticks many boxes and will surely keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Let’s just hope Netflix announce a renewal for this one sooner rather than later!

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7 thoughts on “Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap and Review”

  1. relax, season 2 has been greenlighted 🙂 I suspect a Spring 2022 release. Just a guess. Now on to Manifest.

  2. LOL no one gonna give a clap at the fan service from Ines ( the influenzer) and Zara (the mother) in removing their shirts?

  3. ” I’m not lying you bastard ” best line in the series when Terenzio is locked in the toilet

  4. Where will i be able to watch episode 6 of the series. Searched a lot but can’t find it.

  5. Great series, with great acting from all cast members. Sylvie is my favorite character showing hidden leadership qualities but the one who grows the most is Rik. I felt genuinely sorry for the guy when he learned his love interest in Moscow was someone catfishing him. I vote yes for a Season 2. I want to find out what happens to these people.

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