Interview with the Vampire – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

I Couldn’t Prevent It

Episode 7 of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 picks up where we left off. Guess who is back? Yes! Lestat de Lioncourt is at Théâtre des Vampires, and he wants revenge. We all turn our attention to Théâtre des Vampires, where the coven is doing a one-night trial show, and the audience is manipulated to be the jury. 

No one is more curious than Molloy to know why Armand betrayed Louis and sold him to the coven to be part of a fake trial. He starts his recorder, but both vampires are reluctant to start talking about what transpired. Understandably so because a lot went down!

After a while, Louis starts his narration of what happened after they were kidnapped. He, Claudia and Madeleine are roughed up a bit before they are brought on stage as the accused in a show trial. They realise they are props in a play, fully designed to give Lestat and the coven their revenge. On a corner, at the best seat of the house, Armand sits defeated.

As expected, Claudia fights back, but she is no match for the older vampires who manipulate her mind. The accused feet tendons are also cut, making it hard for them to stand or fight back. As for Louis, he senses Lestat even before our favourite blond vampire shows himself. He avoids the accused’s eyes and swears on one of Claudia’s diaries ( the one she wrote about his death in his own blood.) 

He starts narrating his love story with Louis from the beginning, quickly winning the audience with his charm. Lestat’s perspective on their story changes ab it and this catches Louis offguard. It forces him to reflect on how things transpired between them. For example, Lestat claims Louis was the one stalking and calling him when they first met.

When we get to the birth of Claudia as a vampire, Louis realises that maybe Lestat’s version is right. Lestat did warn Louis about the consequences of turning a teenager into a vampire but the latter paid him no heed. In retrospect, Louis asks Molloy to use Lestat’s version of Claudia’s vampire birth in his book. After 74 years, Louis has had enough time to see things clearly.

Of course, as Lestat narrates the turbulent love story, Santiago doubles down, sucking the audience deeper into the story. Even when Lestat goes offscript because he is Lestat, and as Armand says, “You can’t script a tornado.” Santiago manages to keep the audience on track with his theatrics.

At another point, when talking about hurling Louis from the clouds, Lestat sincerely apologises, but Louis couldn’t care less. He only thought about dying while Claudia got angry enough to stand despite the pain and explain how their fight had never really been about her.

As for Lestat, he admits that he wanted to break Louis because he chose Claudia and never loved him. At this point, Claudia manages to get through to the crowd when she mentions that they are not on trial but are being publicly stoned.

However, Lestat and Santiago continue to manipulate the audience to turn against the accused. Meanwhile, Armand tries to find a way to save Louis while sitting in the crowd guarded by Sam.

After a passionate narration from Santiago and Lestat, using Claudia’s diaries to back up their story, the crowd is tasked with deciding the fate of the accused.

Before her sentencing, Madeleine is given a choice between dying or joining the coven and cutting ties with Claudia. Driven by love, Madeleine chooses Madeleine and is sentenced to death. It goes without saying that Claudia is sentenced to death, too, but she defiantly vows to come back for revenge. 

With bated breaths, we wait for Louis to be sentenced to death, but Armand uses all his powers to control the audience’s mind, and they ask for Louis to be banished. Santiago orders the other members to take Louis backstage and bury him alive in the crypt. Armand is remorseful that he couldn’t save Madeleine and Claudia. In his own words, he says he couldn’t prevent it, and we believe him. 

After Louis is dragged away, Santiago opens the observatory lens as Claudia and  Madeleine whisper their goodbyes to each other. Even in her last moment, Claudia remained a force to reckon with as she definitely tried to protect Madeleine. Unfortunately, the two are burned to ashes as the crowd watches in horror, unaware that what they are seeing is not fake. The last thing Claudia sees is Lestat’s horrified face.

The Episode Review

That was a lot to take in! We had hoped that our girl Claudia would survive, but sadly, she and Madeleine were brutally executed. I am confused as to whether Lestat felt a shred of sadness when he watched Claudia burn to ashes.

After all, she was also a part of him. Her vampire side was purely  Lestat de Lioncourt. She was still, in a way, his daughter. With his revenge achieved, is Lestat happy? He could barely look at Louis during the trial, maybe because he knew that Louis would never take him back. With Claudia gone, nothing is holding Louis back. Will he fully embrace his dark side? I can’t wait to see Louis in his full villain era in the next episode!

It is interesting to see the fight from Lestat’s perspective. He tried his best to contain his anger, but when Louis pushed him over the edge with his mockery, it was over. He lost it, and that became their breaking point. Even though Louis came back, Claudia and Louis never accepted Lestat the same again.  

This was one of the hardest moments for Louis and Armand to talk about. They each feel and realise how they failed the other, and one can get their deep sense of atonement. It also explains why Louis still stayed with Armand after the betrayal. He understood why Armand made that choice, and in the end, what mattered was that Armand, unlike Lestat, didn’t let go of his hands when it mattered the most.

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