Interview with the Vampire – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Like the Light by Which God Made the World Before He Made Light

Episode 6 of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 starts with Molloy having dinner at a restaurant with Rashid. Molloy is curious about how he got the tapes, given that only his mailman has the keys to his box. Rashid excuses himself, and Raglan approaches Molloy. They talk about whether the Talamasca can protect Molloy. The journalist wants to get out of this alive with his novel, but Raglan thinks that will be hard.

The Talamasca is not known for protecting their assets. He cautions Molloy to fear Louis instead of Armand. He also makes a deal with the journalist. The Talamasca thinks Molloy should write the book and will help him get it published.

In turn, he wants Molloy to include a few questions that the Talamasca are curious to find answers to. Meanwhile, our vampire lovers are debating which paint to adorn their walls. Louis is still angry about the whole memory-erasing story and is being passive-aggressive. 

We circle back to Paris. Sam writes a new play, and Armand uses this opportunity to tame Santiago with praise. According to Louis, Armand remembers things with bias because of the events that transpired. However, Armand argues that he was blinded by love and couldn’t see Santiago and the coven’s plotting around him. Louis begs to differ, saying Armand was being a lazy leader and doubting it had to do with love. 

At the same time, Santiago and the others continued to plot and reached out to Lestat’s accountant to invite him to the opening night of the new play. While Armand kept himself busy trying to get the coven ready for the new play, Louis focused on buying new paintings to resale and make profits. 

On the other hand, Claudia continued to get close to Madeleine. She saves the dressmaker from an attack at her house and reveals her true nature. However, Madeleine is not scared of her and Claudia later allows her to read his letters. Louis stumbles upon this and doesn’t take it well.

However, Claudia convinces him to consider turning Madeleine into a vampire. According to Claudia, Louis owed her one, and she wanted her own companion while he frolicked in bed with yet another man he chose over her.  

After hearing Claudia out, Louis asks Armand to turn Madeleine. Unbeknownst to Louis, Armand has never made a vampire, and he only reveals this later. Even though he is against the idea, Armand interrogates Madeleine, trying to gauge if she will survive the lonely life of a vampire. Of course, Madeleine acts courageously and believes she has seen and been through it all.

Nonetheless, Armand refuses, so Louis decides to turn Madeleine by himself with the help of Claudia. He asks Armand to make sure that the coven doesn’t get wind of their plan. Thankfully, the coven was busy doing some nefarious planning of their own and didn’t know about Madeleine.

With no option, Claudia accepts Louis’s offer even though she initially didn’t want Madeleine to have Lestat’s blood. Together, the two of them successfully turn Madeleine. That same night, the coven gives Armand an ultimatum, and he chooses Louis, or so we thought.

He packs his things and moves in with Louis. After turning Madeleine, Claudia and her leave town. However, Louis is able to keep up with Claudia through his connection with Madeleine. He confides in Armand that even though the connection is overwhelming, he doesn’t regret turning Madeleine or ‘losing Claudia.’ 

On the other hand, Armand shares his fears over losing Louis if the coven decides to retaliate. Louis is happy that Armand chose him and feels assured. Presently, Louis wonders if Armand lied to him intentionally that day. Armand brings up San Francisco and says that Louis has no right to be mad. According to Armand, Louis asked him to delete his memory and he apologises to Molloy when he demands an apology.

Armand also brings up the pages he tore out of Claudia’s diary and insists that he only did it to protect himself. He didn’t want to share his shame with anyone, especially Molloy. He clarifies he only let Louis down once and it was not in San Francisco. The scene then cuts back to Paris, revealing the one time Armand betrayed Louis.

A few days after Madeleine turned, Armand, Louis, Claudia and Madeleine meet for dinner. The dinner starts well, with Madeleine and Claudia talking about their new life. By all accounts, they seem happy and content. Madeleine also talks about how she feels Louis’s love for Armand and Claudia. As they happily drink away, Armand freezes time and allows the coven members to kidnap Louis, Claudia and Madeleine.

The Episode Review

Given his new line of questioning, Armand is growing suspicious of Molloy, but Louis is too up in his feelings to notice. He is angry, and instead of asking Armand directly, he circles the issue, forcing Armand to bring it up first. If Louis asked Armand to delete his memory, then he has no right to get mad.

This episode also shows us the rising tension between the couple and the distance this interview has caused between them. In the beginning, these two made Molloy sick to his stomach with all their lovey-dovey antics, like finishing each other’s sentences and having no clue about personal space. They kept smiling lovingly in each other’s eyes while caressing their hands. Now, they barely sit so close and can’t even look each other in the eye. 

Louis is coming off as selfish as he continues to disregard Armand’s feelings and internal conflict. He keeps asking Armand for more, always expecting the latter to give in to his requests. Armand is allowed to decide whether he wants to make a new vampire. Aside from the fact that he will be breaking the law and going against everything he believes as a coven leader, it is also a personal experience. He would have to feel the vampire connection all his life. Louis didn’t have to get mad because Armand refused to turn Madeleine.

Lastly, we can’t begin to understand why Armand sided with the coven in the end. Maybe it was fear or the fact that he felt too conflicted to fight back. Whatever it was, Armand felt bad about it. He is ashamed and remorseful, but given that Louis is still alive, let’s hope he was the one who saved him in the end.

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