Interview with the Vampire – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Want You More Than Anything in The World

Episode 4 of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 starts with Claudia making her debut at the  Théâtre des Vampires. At first, she tried her best but as the play continued to be showcased night after night, she had a hard time with being infantilised.

She was living her worst nightmare, but Armand points out that Claudia had no choice because she was part of the coven. Armand reflects on this time fondly, given how successful the play was. However, Claudia was ready to be done after the 500 performances, and sadly, not even Armand could help end her nightmare. If anything, Armand pushed her to put some oomph into her performance, reliving her worst fear. He orders her to live in the costume of her performance to rediscover her passion for her character.

Meanwhile, Santiago and the coven continue to feel dissatisfied with Armand’s impartiality to Louis. After Claudia is punished, Santiago stirs the pot, asking why Louis is given free rein at the theatre and if the two are companions. Surprisingly, Armand quickly says yes, while Louis says no. Soon after, the couple have the define the relationship talk and agree they are not companions. It is telling, given that Louis is hesitant to define the relationship and is still hallucinating Louis. 

On the other hand, Armand feels it is unfair that Louis won’t acknowledge what they are while he is taking a lot of risks to protect him from the coven. They compromise on Louis visiting the theatre more. They end up confessing their love, but it is hard to take it seriously while Lestat’s hallucination laughs at their, “ I love you.” At this point, Molloy asks if Louis has schizophrenia, and the latter denies it.

At the same time, Armand is taken aback when Louis confesses how alive Lestat’s hallucinations were during that time. Out of nowhere, Molloy brings up the fire at the theatre, and the two vampires are surprised at how he found out. It is also at this point that Molloy starts having vivid recalls of what happened in the70ss when he was with Louis. Somehow, he keeps seeing Armand’s face. To save himself, Molloy lies about having one of his researchers look into the history of Paris. 

We circle back to Claudia, still keeping a diary, and Santiago finding out. However, Santiago has a great scheme in mind and only warns her to stop in case she gets in trouble with the leader and the members.

Later that night, Claudia strikes up a conversation with Madeleine, and they don’t exactly start off things well. However, a few nights later, the two coincidentally meet again and become friends. Madeleine makes her a dress and shares her life story form how she fell in love with a German soldier and became the people’s enemy. Claudia also opens up about her life. She doesn’t mention being a vampire, but she is touched by Madeleine’s kindness and encouraging words. 

Following the success of the play, the coven members have dinner at a local hotel to celebrate. Louis happily shares with Claudia his excitement about showing his photography to a few people and getting some love back. Santiago and Celeste start mocking him, and things get out of hand when Louis loses his temper. He embarrasses Santiago at the table, and Armand is forced to freeze time to get the vampires to calm down. Once again, Armand finds himself torn between his role as the coven leader and Louis’s cuddle buddy. 

In the meantime, Louis focuses on his photography, trying to get his photos in a gallery. The gallery owner is compressed by his picture of Armand, but Louis didn’t mean to add the picture to his portfolio. Louis is also offended when the man insinuates that his photos are not good enough. He laments to Lestat’s ghost and gets his confidence back.  

Currently, he is offended when Molloy recognises a few photos from another well-known photographer in Louis’s portfolio. Louis quickly apologises, and Armand blames Rashid for getting confused and adding the picture there. Meanwhile, Molloy continues to recall more memories from the 70s causing him to get a headache.

We circle back to the vampires’ life in Paris, and Armand takes Louis to the museum. While there, Armand apologises for using his powers during the dinner. Santiago remains a sore issue between the couple. Louis is also not happy that Claudia is suffering at the coven. Armand decides to tell Louis his past in an effort to win his heart and prove he is not Lestat. 

At the museum, he shows Louis a painting of his maker. Armand was sold into slavery by his parents and forced to work at the brothel. There, he met his maker and named him Amadeo. However, his maker was hesitant to share the gift with him. For years, Armand served his maker religiously, but his maker used him as a sex slave. After a few years, Armand was stricken with illness, and his maker was forced to turn him.

Soon after, the Rome coven killed Armand’s maker and changed his name from Amadeo to Armand. He was then sent to Paris to lead the coven abandoned by Magnus, Lestat’s maker. In retrospect, Armand is not sure who he is. All his life, he has been dictated by others. He is not even sure what his real name is. Before, Louis can comfort him, Armand is summoned away to find Claudia before the play.

He finds Claudia with Madeleine and rags her to the theatre as she whines about how she hates the play. Armand loses his patience with her and lets it slip that he knows she and Louis killed Lestat. He uses this to subtly threaten her to continue working on the play and stop seeing Madeleine. He also takes out his anger on Santiago and warns him to stick to his lane.

Elsewhere, Louis continues to question his photography even with encouragement from Lestat’s ghost. Claudia storms into the house and confronts him about Armand. Louis says they can trust Armand, but Claudia once again feels betrayed by Louis. She accuses him of choosing his lovers over her. He refuses to believe that Armand threatened Claudia with Lestat’s death. In turn, Louis blames her for choosing the coven over him. According to him, Claudia abandoned him first. 

After his fight with Armand, Santiago sneaks into Louis’s place and steals Claudia’s diary. Meanwhile, Louis goes for a walk with Lestat’s ghost to clear his mind. He later summons Armand, and they talk about the coven. Armand is scared he is losing the coven and Santiago.

Armand asks Louis to reconsider leaving Paris as Santiago wants to take over. However, Louis opts to stay and tries to convince Armand to play Santiago like a buffoon by feeding his ego. He challenges Armand to consider temporarily stepping down as a leader and letting Santiago fail. He suggests that Armand can later decide if he wants the job or something else. Armand confesses he wants Louis more than anything else in the world. Unknowingly, Santiago and the coven are secretly watching the couple and planning a coup.

Presently, Armand and Louis fight over the portfolio while Molloy continues to recall more things, especially Armand. He starts listening to the tape and looking up his files from San Fransisco. He looks up the photos sent by the Talamasca and sees a picture of Lestat and Louis carrying him out of a building back in the 70’s. 

The Episode Review

This is the first time we have seen Armand open up and show his vulnerability. The scene where he talks about his origins and the suffering he endured was poignant. We felt his loss, pain, and desire to find someone to love him without being shackled. However, Louis uses this to manipulate Armand into choosing him over the coven. Louis is too confident that Santiago will fail, but a part of us also wonders if he wants Armand all to himself. With the coven behind them, they would be free to live their lives as they wish.

On the other han, Claudia is unravelling as she is forced to live her worst fear every night. You would think that Armand could relate to her struggle since he was also turned at a young age, but alas! He couldn’t care less. Claudia is feeling lost and betrayed. Once again, Louis as chosen another man over her. She no longer thinks it is about the two of them, now they are three and she is not down for that. However, does Louis really love Armand? He is still talking to Lestat’s ghost, and part of him wishes to see him. It is also funny since, technically, Louis is talking to himself. Everything he imagines Lestat saying is in his head.

Lastly, we have Molloy, our risk taker—the legend who says the wildest thing at the wrong time. There seems to be more to San Francisco than we were led to believe. Will his memories come back? Will Armand let him walk out alive if his memories come back? What really happened that fateful night? What got out of hand, and which role did Armand play?

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