Interview with the Vampire – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

 What Can the Damned Really Say to the Damned

Episode 1 of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 starts with Louis narrating to Daniel what transpired after he and Claudia left America and headed to Europe. The two vampires travelled through Europe during World War II. Claudia was obsessed with trying to find more vampires, and Louis indulged her because he felt guilty. He felt like he was a burden to Claudia, plus there is that whole “didn’t burn Lestat situation”. In his narration, he worries over the act that Claudia claims she can’t dream about.

As Louis reflects on their tumultuous journey to find answers during a trying time in humanity’s history, Armand subtly tries to delay the interview. Nonetheless, Louis continues to narrate, recalling Claudia’s determination to find their people and her indifference towards him. Claudia blames Louis for refusing to burn Lestat. 

The two travel through Europe, and Claudia quickly learns the language to help them navigate the dark woods every night. Louis describes her as a maniac tour guide. For nights, the two explore ruined cities and dark caves, looking for evidence of vampires. Sadly, they only find desolate human beings and dead vampires. However, Claudia refuses to give up. At the same time, Louis remains tormented by Lestat. He keeps seeing his ex-lover, hearing him in his head, and Lestat’s ghost is ruthless. Even in “death”, it seems Lestat can’t allow Louis a moment of peace, or the latter can’t forgive himself for killing the alleged love of his life. 

Soon, the two arrive in Romania and take temporary residence in a refugee camp. In Romania, Claudia is more convinced than ever that they will find more vampires. She believes the people are wearing crosses and garlic on their necks to keep the vampires away. At the refugee camp, Louis plays the role of a father and husband looking for his wife. He hits things off with the lady in charge of the refugee camp, but her fiancé remains doubtful.

On the other hand, Claudia tries to investigate more. According to the camp woman, there is something more dangerous in the woods other than the soldiers. At this point of the narration, Louis starts to doubt his memory of the details while Armand insists they take a break. This leads to Molloy questioning why Armand is acting suspiciously and against the interview.

We circle back to Louis’s narration, and Claudia sneaks out to investigate in the woods. This time, she comes across another vampire, but he is not what she expected. There is no shred of beauty, but this vampire looks like a zombie. Excitedly, Claudia tries to make contact, but he is startled, so he hits her and runs. 

Claudia quickly rushes back to share the discovery with Louis, but he doesn’t believe her. He argues she saw a baboon. They argue, and Claudia admits she is mad that Louis can’t forget Lestat. The two decide to rest, and Louis is happy when he sees Claudia twitch in her sleep as she dreams. The fact that she can dream feels cathartic to him. Sadly, they are woken up by loud noises downstairs. Unfortunately, the refugee camp lady is bitten by a vampire, and the soldiers kill her as a safety measure. Even though Louis could save her, he chooses to let humans handle their own business. 

Immediately after this, Claudia and Louis leave to find the vampire. This time, they use a soldier as bait and marvel when two ugly vampires approach and attack them. In the scuffle, Claudia gorges one of the vampire’s eyes out. The other vampire lashes out at her, accusing Claudia of maiming a child. The old female vampire, Dacania, is left with no choice but to kill her son, as he can’t hunt without his eyes. Claudia and Louis follow Dacania to her house. The latter tries to turn another victim into a vampire but fails. Louis tries to explain that it is not working because the blood in Romania is contaminated with human sadness and desperation. He argues that this is why Dacania looks frail and sickly. They promise to take her to America if she tells them about the other vampires.

Dacania says that she knows of some vampires, and Clauida is hopeful. However, Dacania explains that they are the last of their kind and throws herself into a fire. Claudia is heartbroken, and Louis decides it is time to leave Romania. He promises he will help her find more vampires but asks her to stop spiralling. 

Back in the present, Louis asks Armand to let him see the pages they removed from Claudia’s diaries. Louis is scared he might be misremembering the memories, while Armand thinks Louis is losing control of the interview. He wants Louis to stop the interview and send Molloy home. However, Louis refuses, and Armand agrees to let him read the torn pieces again. Although agreeable, Armand is doubtful that Molloy grasps the importance of the interview. He asks to continue the interview, but he opts to be part of it. No longer off the record, is he trying to control the narrative?

The next morning, Molloy chooses to continue hearing from Louis and asks Armand to wait his turn. We pick up where we left off, with Claudia and Louis leaving Romania to restart their lives after the war. This time, they are determined to live on their terms and relocate if they mess up. The episode ends with them arriving in Paris.

The Episode Review

Interview With The Vampire makes a grand return with a look into Louis and Claudia’s adventures during World War II. Cladia’s obsession with finding answers to their origin gives the two something to focus on while the world erupts around them. With Lestat in their rearview mirror, the two hope to start afresh. However, Louis is still carrying Lestat with him. The enigmatic vampire may be dead, but he is still alive in Louis’s mind and heart, something that Claudia hates. She can’t help but feel like she will always play second fiddle to Lestat when it comes to Louis’ love. However, Louis can’t help it. He cares a lot for Claudia as evidenced by his concern about her dreams but the heart is a trickery master ,it wants what it wants.

This season also introduces us to a new kind of vampire. We are used to seeing beautiful vampires with silky hair and glowing skin. However, in this season, Dacania and her son look like they stepped out of a zombie movie. They are grotesque and displeasing to the eye. This makes us wonder what other kinds of vampires are out there. 

On the other hand, we are growing doubtful, just like Molloy. Why is Armand so protective of Louis? We also can’t help but wonder if Louis’s account of events is correct. He keeps missing a few things, and while we understand his memory is hazy, it still gives us an unsettling feeling. Especially with Armand hovering around, is he affecting Louis’s memory? Armand is an ancient vampire who knows what kind of powers he possesses! What is he hiding?

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