Interview with the Vampire – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Thing Lay Still

Episode 7 of Interview with the Vampire starts this finale with a question. Can an immortal meet mortality? Louis confirms that they can. You can starve the body and deprive one of blood, or alternatively you can decapitate a vamp. But can these vampire children destroy their own? Especially one as powerful as Lestat? That’s something we’re going to find out, as Claudia and Louis plot telepathically, intent on trying to find a way to get rid of Lestat.

Lestat decides to leave New Orleans, spooked by the sudden influx of believers who show up at the door. They’re making too much noise and need to lay low. One in particular happens to be the new postman and he’s heard rumours that devils live at their house. However, he believes they’re angels. Well, Lestat makes short work of him but soon starts dribbling the blood back out, claiming there’s cancer. As a result, the dispatch Lestat is hastened, as the trio plan to leave America and head over to Europe.

What is Claudia’s plan?

Before they go, Claudia comes up with the idea of planning a Mardi Gras party; a big blowout before exiting New Orleans for good. Of course, this is all part of Claudia’s plan, and she welcomes Lestat being suspicious. In fact, suspicions and curiosity are part of the game here, and as word spreads of the trio coming out of hiding, the number of guests attending skyrockets.

This is all part of Claudia’s plan as – while Louis slips back into old habits and finds himself seduced by Lestat’s ways – Claudia heads off to find poison. Her plan here is to poison their “bait” in a bid to make it seem like the flesh was drunk with alcohol when in reality, it’s a paralyzing brew of laudanum and arsenic.

As the Ball gets underway, something is immediately awry. Louis starts to get cold feet and realizes the fasting was a mistake. Alone, Lestat admits to Louis that he’s going to miss New Orleans, as the latter reveals that the various flowers have all been given out, ready for Lestat to feast. Claudia has chosen her target to poison.

What happens at the Ball?

Just before Lestat feasts on his victim, he pricks the neck and watches the blood gush out. He knows something is afoul and just then, Antoinette comes in through the front door, confirming that the target is poisoned. Lestat has actually turned her into a vampire too, using her as a spy all this time. She has been eavesdropping on Louis and Claudia’s conversation all night long.

As Lestat starts vomiting up blood, Claudia’s true plan is revealed, right off the back of Antoinette being impaled on the ground. It turns out she’s known about Antoinette eavesdropping way back since the train out of town. Claudia was well prepared for Lestat and actually poisoned another – a brash businessman that’s thrown insults at Lestat all night long.

Claudia knew that he’d strike and as such, she decides to walk away. When Lestat calls for Louis and confesses his love, Louis slits his throat and lets Lestat’s blood drain out, watching as his eyes roll to the top of his head. Claudia writes in blood “Put me in my coffin, Louis, Louis” inside her journal (Lestat’s last words), while the pair clear all evidence of the bloodbath inside the house by burning the bodies (Antoinette screaming in agony as she’s burnt). Lestat is not burnt however, much to the horror of Claudia, as Louis instead leaves him out with the garbage, wrapped in a carpet.

How does Interview with the Vampire end?

Louis and Claudia leave and head across to Europe but Daniel, in all his wisdom while doing this interview, is onto Louis. He knows that the reason Lestat was dealt with this way was so he could return. Garbage is taken to the dump which is festering with rats. Rats that happen to be full of blood to allow Lestat to feed.

As the episode closes out, Louis reveals that he’s a changed man now, and his companion, Armand, is the love of his life.

The Episode Review

So Interview with the Vampire bows out with a conclusive chapter that sets everything up nicely for the second season, with plenty more history to explore in detail between the different characters. Specifically, how Armand slots into the past and what really happened between Louis and Claudia.

On the whole, this has been a really solid season with slick cinematography and an interesting take on the classic Anna Rice novel. The entire final chapter essentially revolves around the Mardis Gras ball and although it was obvious that Lestat would sense something afoul, it’s perhaps less obvious that Claudia would manage to get the jump on him and poison another unsuspecting victim to outsmart Lestat. It’s a nice twist and something that ultimately ends this whole New Orleans chapter, setting everything up nicely for season 2.

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