Tom Connolly INTERVIEW: The star of Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run tells us about his new movie

Tom Connolly: The star of Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run

Tom Connolly, an actor known for his work in such films as Stars Fell Again and The Wedding Year, and the TV shows Lost and The Chosen, is now the star of the new historical war epic, Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run. 

In the film, Tom stars as Colonel Henry Bouquet, a real-life hero who, in 1763,  was caught up in the titular ‘Battle of Bushy Run’ when he led his ragtag team of soldiers and volunteers to a fort that was under imminent attack from the Native population of Western Pennsylvania.

Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run is a thrilling film that is available to buy or rent now. We rated the film highly in our review due to its stunning battle scenes, emotional storytelling, and accomplished performances from the talented cast, most notably the film’s leading man, Tom Connolly.

We recently got a chance to interview Tom about the film, his character, and his upcoming projects. You can read what he had to say below.

An Interview With Tom Connolly

Can you briefly tell us what the film is about?

Set in 1763, the American colonies are on the brink of chaos. The Native Tribes (fearing retaliation from the British) and under the guidance of Ottowa Chief Pontiac, capture an area called Fort Pitt. My character – Col. Henry Bouquet – is charged with gathering a rag-tag group of British Soldiers, Scottish Highlanders and American Volunteers to save the people of Fort Pitt and it’s on the way there that the pivotal Battle from the title takes place, which alters the course of history.

Can you tell us something about the character you play in the film?

He’s gone down in history for being an incredible tactical mind. He was able to watch and admire how the Natives fought in battle and then adapt some of their skills and techniques for his own army of men to use. He was also a romantic. Rachele Schank (who plays Anne Willing in the movie) and I found letters between the two real-life characters and it was here that Bouquet’s cheeky sense of humour and light-heartedness really came across. And also just how much he loved and respected her.

What drew you to the role of Henry Bouquet?

It’s really a dream role for any actor as there are so many layers to him and such a range of different emotions and scenarios to play in. I originally auditioned for a supporting role and then Dave and Larry (the directors) asked me to read for Bouquet. The challenge of the role was hugely appealing to me, too. The weaponry and horse riding, along with commanding a group of soldiers into battle and the multitude of big speeches the script displayed was a unique opportunity to really sink my teeth into a complex character. Something I’d been hoping would come along for a while!

Did you do a lot of research about the character before making the film?

Yes! Tons of research. Charlie Richards (the screenwriter) recommended a number of different books to me, which I read through multiple times. And then general online research, which is where Rachele and I stumbled upon the letters. Then, once I was on set, the challenge was to throw away all that research and just be present with the other actors in the scenes.

What challenges did you experience during the shooting of the film?

Honestly, the biggest challenge for me was trying to maintain control of the horse in the scenes where I was riding and delivering dialogue. Often the horse wanted to jump the gun and do the blocking of the scene as soon as ‘action’ was called and I’d be delivering a big speech, desperately trying to keep it in place. But I got to grips with it, eventually.

Are you a fan of historical films? If so, are there any you can recommend to our readers?

I am a fan of historical films. The ones that spring to mind which I loved are – Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and Corsage, a film by Marie Kreutzer which I thought brought a really interesting modern edge to the genre. And then more recently I thought The Zone Of Interest (directed by Jonathan Glazer) was incredible.

Why should somebody watch Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run?

It’s a real old-school romantic, epic period war film which I don’t think we’ve seen much of recently. So if you have a hankering for something in that genre – this is the perfect film for you. It’s also about a period of time and a pivotal moment in American history that many people know nothing about – and it’s fascinating. So if you’re looking to be entertained, moved and transported back in time while also learning something new about history – you should definitely check it out.

What’s next for you?

Right now I have a feature film comedy called ‘Sallywood’ doing the festival circuit. I just wrapped on ‘The Chosen’ Season 5, which I think is set for release in early 2025. Also, I just finished post-production on a short film I wrote and directed called ‘When You Look At Me’ which I’m hoping to have a premiere for this year.

Thanks Tom, we wish you every success in your career.


Check out Tom’s IMDB page for updates about his work and rent or buy Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run from your favourite online streaming platform. 

Have you seen Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run? Are you a fan of Tom Connolly’s work? Let us know in the comments below. 

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