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A Watery Grave

Episode 7 of Intergalactic shifts the focus to Kelp, a watery world where Emma is being held. The group of fugitives are here too, standing around on the rooftop of the hotel opposite, overlooking the Commonworld base.

The group intend to try and break in stealthily but Echo has another plan. He wants to play poker and gamble their way into progressing with their mission. The winning prize is that of precious coordinates, which could be very helpful going forward.

Verona and Ash however, have other ideas. They intend to hitch a ride on the maintenance train and sneak their way in to find Emma. Evading the guards outside, Ash seizes her opportunity and bolts across the complex.

As she heads inside, Ash finds herself face to face with her Mother. It turns out Yann left Rebecca for Emma, but she lied about her Father to keep up the pretense of a loving and doting Dad to her.

While they leave, Candy starts to experience withdrawal symptoms to the drugs she’s been hooked on. Drew shows pity on her and lets the girl out, and she goes on a roundabout trip to the bar and back again. In the end she decides against giving sexual favours in exchange for drugs, and heads back to her cell.

Genevieve and Drew meanwhile,head out on an impromptu date together. As they start dancing, Drew admires his crush’s moves. That is, until Tula rings through and demands Genevieve show up at the hotel bar.

Tula intends to use her to forcefully find out the coordinates.  Genevieve sees through her Mother’s play and bolts back to the ship.

Meanwhile, Dr Lee uses a machine containing Emma to find the location to Arcadia. They use her as a beacon of sorts, forced to listen to her screams of agony.

The Commonworld are using her to find other planets like Arcadia that hold New Aurum. With the supplies running out on Earth, Rebecca tells her daughter that Earth must always come first, even if it means draining resources from the entire galaxy.

Ash agrees to join her Mother in this crusade, although seeing Verona captured and taken away clearly leaves her conflicted. When Ash heads in to check on her, she apologizes to Verona and tells her a prison transport ship will come and pick her up shortly.

Back on the ship, Tula wonders exactly how they’re going to get their coordinates now. Well, Echo suddenly interjects and confirms he has a plan. He’s going to use a girl called Mya to cheat and rig the game.

When they get there, the group find themselves face with a wildcard they didn’t expect. The mistress from Pau Rosa – Zeeda – is part of the game.

She sees straight through Tula’s facade and tells Mr Merrick, the man in charge of this game, that they have an imposter in their midst. This eventually sees Tula forced to leave.

Tula then notices Genevieve kissing Drew on the ship and immediately gets angry. Genevieve confirms that they’re an item and they’re moving away together.

Tula eventually shows back up at the poker game with Genevieve. Taking her chastity chip out, Tula decides to use her own daughter as a stake…which goes terribly. Tula loses the poker game, and is forced to give her daughter up to Zeeda. Tula walks away and drinks at the bar while Echo and Drew both find themselves shocked and devastated by this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Ash breaks Verona out of her cell and together they free Emma from hers. However, a black ops agent suddenly shows up and stops them both. Ash and Verona are captured but Emma breaks out and explodes the New Aurum cells, destroying the machine completely.

With the base a mess, Rebecca arrives and tries to stop her daughter from leaving. She refuses though, telling her that the Commonworld is broken.

Alongside her ragtag group of fugitives, Ash walks away from the life she once knew. Dr Lee however, survives the blast and promises Rebecca will pay for her crimes. That is, until Rebecca fires at Dr Lee and kills him in cold blood.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Intergalactic sees Ash make a big decision and decide to stick around with the fugitives after all. With the Commonworld broken and not so heroic after all, we’re setting up for a big fight for survival in the finale.

This season has been a really turbulent affair too, and while these later episodes have been better with the character development and ideas, it all feels so rushed and lackadaisical. Hopefully we get a conclusive ending though because I genuinely cannot see how this one would be renewed for a second season – and a cliffhanger would be the rotten cherry atop a half-baked, soggy-bottomed cake.

Still we march on; it’s finale time guys.

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