Intergalactic – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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The Thing In Space

Episode 6 of Intergalactic season 1 begins with chaos breaking out onboard the Hemlock. While the fugitives remain fractured and bickering among themselves, the solitary black ops agent continues to walk the hallways. At least to begin with. Something else is aboard the ship with them. When the black ops agent is taken out, it seems the fugitives are next.

Ash meanwhile, sits with Candy who bitterly tells the girl that she’s stolen any hope of a normal life from her. Ash, now understanding the severity of her actions, holds her head in her hands. Maybe calling the Commonworld was not such a good idea after all.

Eventually this creature reveals itself as some sort of infection, brewing inside both Drew and Echo. After stopping Drew from lashing out at Genevieve in a strange fit of rage, the group discuss what’s happening.

There’s a parasite aboard, which Candy confirms when Verona heads off to enlist her help. She confirms that this parasite is moving about and it seems to have infected someone else aboard… and that someone is confirmed to be Ash. As the others rally against her, Ash decides to sacrifice herself to save the others. She’s going to throw herself out the airlock to save them all.

Just before she does, Candy races up and stops her. She’s not going to die because Candy can turn her into the cure. The Commonworld Elite (aka. Ash) are immune to dirty bullets, which in turn means this parasite can’t infect her. Candy is going to use her blood to save the others. As glimmers of passion burn brightly in her eyes, it seems Candy is finally living up to her potential.

After cutting the parasite out of Ash’s neck and patching her up, Tula comes at her with a gun. Candy refuses to let her kill the girl though. In fact, she’s also going to go cold turkey and kick her drug addiction. Tula gets angry, as per usual, and pushes Candy into the jail cell, being sure to lock the door behind her.

While all this is going on, the ongoing romance between Drew and Genevieve continues. They decide not to have sex (something that’s been on and off the cards all episode) and instead decide to dance. Meanwhile, Verona and Ash wind up kissing in the hallway because… why not I guess? Only, Echo happens to be watching this take place from afar. Uh oh.

On the bridge, Verona manages to get the comms to work, where they notice Emma in transit being moved. With the parasitic threat quelled for now, the group blast off in the Hemlock and close in on Emma’s location.

The Episode Review

Intergalactic delivers another indifferent slice of sci-fi, this time turning the attention to a space-bound parasitic infection. There are definite The Thing vibes here but the show never quite doubles down or commits to this idea and it peters out before it can get going. Instead, we get the half-baked echoes of a love triangle on the table.

While Genevieve and Drew’s issues are at least consistent with the season as a whole, Verona and Ash’s romance is not. They have no sexual chemistry together and it feels contrived and awkward.

The characterization has been so shallow across the board, which doesn’t help matters, and aside from Candy, Emma and Genevieve, everyone else feels very one-dimensional.

We’re nearly there though, and with two episodes left Intergalactic has really not been a series to remember.

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