‘Interceptor’ Ending Explained: Does Collins save the day?

Interceptor Plot Synopsis

Interceptor is a new action movie that is currently streaming on Netflix and it focuses on Captain JJ Collins who is tasked with defeating a terrorist group that has plans to destroy the US (and probably the world).

The fact that Collins has to take on these bad guys single-handedly means that the chances of her failing the mission are high.

So, does she succeed? Or do the terrorists cause mass destruction with the nuclear missiles that they have somehow stockpiled?

We think you already know the answer but just in case you doubt the ability of Collins to take on these do-badders, let’s take a closer look at the movie.

Why is Collins left alone to fight the terrorists?

After being demoted for daring to speak out against a superior who sexually harassed her, Collins is reassigned to work at an Interception Station, one of the few stations that stand as the world’s last line of defence against a nuclear attack.

Immediately after her arrival, the station is infiltrated by Alexander Kessel and his crew, a team of terrorists seemingly working for the Russians, who want to release nuclear missiles after sabotaging the station’s defence systems.

The terrorists aren’t able to get inside the Control Centre so Collins and the other people working within are able to ready a countermeasure against the nuclear missiles that are due to be launched.

Unfortunately, there is a traitor working within the Control Centre – Beaver Baker – and he lets the terrorists in. Guns are fired, most of the good guys are killed, and only Collins and her colleague Rahul Shah are left to take on Kessel and his dastardly group.

The terrorists disable the interceptor system but before they can release their missiles, Shah attempts to get back it online again. Sadly, he is killed in the process so Collins is left to take on the bad guys alone.

Why do the terrorists want to launch a missile attack?

Kessel uses the Emergency Broadcast System to release his message to the world. He isn’t happy with the current state of the US apparently – “America is the greatest lie ever told” he tells anybody who is listening – and his plan is to wipe out America, starting with Los Angeles.

Thankfully, Collins is able to take out the terrorists single-handedly but she still has to deal with Kessel. She learns that money is his main reason for wanting to destroy the US and that he has arranged for a Russian submarine to rescue him before the attack takes place.

Does Kessel destroy the US?

There is a race against time as the nuclear missiles are launched. Collins is unable to intercept them due to Kessel activating the emergency sinking protocol at the base (rendering the defence system useless), but she is somehow able to use Baker’s gaming laptop to set up the launch programme for the interceptor missiles.

With only a few seconds to spare, the interceptor missiles are released and they destroy the 15 nuclear missiles that are making their way toward the US.

As such, Collins successfully manages to save the day. Now she only has the threat of Kessel himself to deal with.

Does Kessel escape?

Understandably annoyed at Collins foiling his plans, Kessel tells her that he will bring the US to the brink of destruction again sometime in the future.

As the two face off against each other outside of the station, the Russian sub rises up out of the water, presumably to take him away.

But before he can climb aboard, he is shot by one of the Russians. Why? Well, perhaps they were upset that he failed in his mission. Or perhaps they were never really on his side anyway! We never get to find out but Collins is relieved that they have shot him and not her.

What happens to Collins?

A SEAL team arrives to take Collins to safety. The film ends with a scene of her in a hospital surrounded by lots of flowers from US residents who are thankful to her for saving them from oblivion.

While lying in her bed, she is visited by none other than the President of the United States. As Collins is now a national hero, the President gives her a promotion and assigns her to her National Security team.

After being unfairly demoted for speaking out against a male superior, it is good that Collins has finally been given the job she deserves. It’s just a shame that she had to save the US to get it as she should have been protected and recognised by the military system long before this triumphant moment.


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