Inspector Koo – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

KD Peace Convention

Episode 7 of Inspector Koo begins with Santa at home singing to himself, placing photos in an album. More alarming than that though, he happens to have some of the devil puppets on his table too. As we cycle through time, he spikes Kyung-Yi’s drink and watches as she claims it’s delicious.

In the present, Ko-Dam is still the target as he’s surrounded by not 1 but 3 white trucks of doom. For those unaware, a white truck is a regular motif in Korean dramas and usually signifies something bad! Anyway, these trucks are actually there to protect him, as the gang realize his security is actually pretty good. So how will Yi-Kyung get close? Well, it seems the answer lies in the upcoming KD Peace Lab Convention.

This is also going to be the opportunity Ko-Dam needs to declare his candidacy to become Mayor. A big, open event like this seems to be the perfect hunting ground for K but Kyung-Yi is troubled with exactly how their crazy friend is going to strike.

While this is going on, Mr Kim takes Jeong-Yeon and begins questioning her, demanding to know where K is. After a briefing about the team and how they’re going into the peace event disguised as security, Kyung-Yi shows up to see Jeong-Yeon and takes her down to the beach.

There, she tries to persuade the woman to see sense and understand that K is a psychopath. She refuses to see it though, adamant that Yi-Kyung is not a murderer. Kyung-Yi wants her to test that theory, encouraging the woman to ask K about what she’s been doing next time she sees her.

K though has other ideas. She checks the CCTV footage and finds the gang inside the convention. Finding rat droppings and a hole to boot, Kyung-Yi manages to patch up the hole which, in turn, eliminates the signal planted inside. However, K also has schematics for the building so this isn’t going to be an easy plan to stop.

Kyung-Yi realizes that K’s numerous play scripts are not light reading material after all. She’s actually using them as inspiration for her killings. This one appears to be linked all the way to the peacekeeper robot, as well as a spring-loaded trap inside the vents on the wall. The plan here seems to be for the trap to react with the metal on the robot and cause an explosion.

The convention begins and K has Gun-Wook head inside dressed up as a delivery guy. Santa is dressed in the same get-up of course, but Gun-Wook’s glasses have a security camera attached. With K’s guidance, he takes a tray out into the room and K prepares to make her move. Numerous little robots begin to wheel across the room, heading inside and drawing the attention away from Ko-Dam. Only, K catches a glimpse of her aunt there and starts to panic.

These robots are not Ko-Dam’s doing though and it seems like they’re rigged to blow. Suddenly, chaos breaks out. Gun-Wook approaches Jong-Yeon and urges her to leave, Kyung-Yi notices and chases Gun-Wook outside, Ko-Dam steps away from the robot and it suddenly explodes. The mini robots also catch fire too, leading to the place being investigated.

Outside in the street, Gun-Wook manages to slip away from Kyung-Yi but she does catch a glimpse of his reg plate just before, which is at least something. K though, charges out the building and hurries to the convention center, determined to make sure she’s okay.

In the hallway, Je-Hui secures Ko-Dam and tasers him. She rings Mr Kim and tells him that he’s secure, as it becomes clear that Yong-Sook has obviously given her an ulterior motive. With Ko-Dam secure with Yong-Sook, she rings him and, upon learning he has no intention of relinquishing his grip on the candidacy, he’s killed.

At the same time, Jeong-Yeon ends up dying after being hit by a car in the street. As Kyung-Yi looks over her, K shows up on the scene and finds her whole world come crashing down. She was the only thing tethering K back to sanity and now that she’s gone, it seems K is about to go completely unhinged.

The Episode Review

Inspector Koo returns this week with another really intriguing episode, one that leans into the ideas of this cat and mouse chase with a simple but effective operation at the convention.

It’s clear that Kyung-Yi and the gang are getting wise to K’s little schemes and it’s definitely not the last we’ve seen of her. It actually seems like she’s been withholding a little too, given her ties with Jeong-Yeon, but now that her aunt is dead, it paves way for a very dramatic set of episodes to ensue.

The relationship between Kyung-Yi and K has been the stand-out element of this show so far and there’s certainly a lot to like with this one. The ending does hint that we’re about to get a lot more dramatic episodes to come though, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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