Inspector Koo – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Inspector Koo begins with Kyung-Yi following her gut instinct and arriving before K. The pair trade verbal blows, which eventually leads to genuine punches.

While K is straddling Kyung-Yi, she calls out K’s methods and how she only kills those who deserve it. With her wrist handcuffed, K looks set to chop Kyung-Yi’s hand…until Santa shows and throws a net on K. Kyung-Yi inevitably slips away, using a kayak to swim across the lake and eventually diving underwater to evade the River Force.

Meanwhile, Yong Sook mentions a guy called Ko Dam and his business. Mr Kim is grim-faced as Yong-Sook contemplates killing him. Only, she plays it off as a joke.

In the wake of K’s escape, Je-Hu shows up and condescends Kyung-Yi, telling her to leave the legwork to them instead. However, they’re interrupted by a parcel arriving for Yi-Kyung, which happens to be a novel for Joan Of Arc. There’s a whole stack of other books there too, and Kyung-Yi begins reading through them outside; an absolute state with flies buzzing all around her head.

Anyway, officers from Bonkbaek station show up and begin questioning Kyung-Yi regarding her husband’s death. Now, Kyung-Yi being a complete mess doesn’t help her case, and as she’s shown a letter, it’s abundantly clear that someone else has actually written this. The detectives are tenacious though and want to know what happened.

Kyung-Yi reflects on how she was looking for proof that her husband was a bad man. She tried to find any sort of information but came up trumps. At least, that’s wat she wants the officers to believe. Hysterically crying, flashes of the past with Seong-U show a very different story.

She sat with her husband in the school, showing him a picture of Yi-Kyung after noticing them together. With no suicide note and the room locked from the inside, Kyung-Yi showed Seong-U a picture of K just prior to this and asked for his side of the story. Now, it’s intentionally vague and open to interpretation but personally, it seems like she’s feigning grief with the officers and in reality, was well aware something was going on with her husband and K. She confronted him about it but K potentially killed the man before he could divulge anything.

Eventually Santa takes Kyung-Yi home, cleaning up her house and forcing her to actually have a shower and wash up. Invigorated and feelings better, Je-Hui rings but Kyung-Yi is convinced that K will strike again sooner rather than later. With the team gathered, and Gyeong-Su leading the way, they try to deduce who the next target will be.

Santa is smart and tracks down the puppets, thanks to some reverse image search engineering online, eventually seeing one of these puppets up for sale online. This puppet belongs to a former IT boss who’s been disgraced after selling company equipment at his place of work, KD Peace Lab.

Now, there’s more going on here than first meets the eye. Kyung-Yi shows up in her pest control gear, discovering a cockroach and a note scrawled under a desk reading “kill me.” Thanks to a video obtained by one of the employee’s, the gang learn that Su-Yong’s boss, Ko-Dam, is a pretty nasty guy and he was probably bullying Su-Yong this whole time.

Ko-Dam is actually now working as a lawyer so it gives Je-Hui and Kyung-Yi an opportunity to head inside the law firm and speak to him directly. Although he keeps his cool during the meeting, the moments after see Ko-Dam smash up a mirror with his wrapped wrist.

Meanwhile, Gyeong-Su and Santa work together and discover that the desk plant actually happens to hide a USB stick under the fake plant. Santa and Gyeong-Su work together to uncover what’s hidden on it. It seems Su-Yong has been operating a side gig for something called Mironet. Now, they’re not the only ones on the hunt.

In the parking lot they get talking to a guy called Samsy, someone Kyung-Yi actually subscribes to, as fate would have it. He believes Ko-Dam has been communicating with aliens so it’s safe to say, he’s got no intel to actually help them out here. Or has he?

This alien footage in question actually shows Ko-Dam speaking in pig Latin. Now, for those unaware, this is actually a language game in which English words are altered. Anyway, Kyung-Yi interprets this as “upload the campus footage on the main page.”

This is linked to footage of Yoon Mi-Ae, which continues to pop up on Mironet. Now, it seems like Ko-Dam was actually doing this himself. Having watched the video, Kyung-Yi goes all Penthouse on us and eats the SD card. For those who don’t get the reference, check out this glorious clip.

Je-Hui feeds back to Yong-Sook around who the next target is before joining the others out for dinner. Gun-Wook meanwhile, spies K out wandering around on the CCTV footage and eventually heads up to see her. He warns that Kyung-Yi is watching Ko-Dam and she needs to be pitch perfect in order to carry this out.

Kyung-Yi sits in he office and contemplates how to take out K. She’s well aware that the woman is formidable and contemplates what to do next. As she wonders aloud whether to kill her, Santa drops his coffee mug in shock, allowing it to smash on the floor. Black text underneath reads “Bongbaek Girls’ High School 33rd Alumni Meeting.”

The Episode Review

Inspector Koo returns with an episode that seems to blend bits of Taxi Driver with the quirky humour we’ve become accustomed to in this series. The beginning “fight” between K and Kyung-Yi is the perfect blend of wacky and bonkers that makes this such an endearing watch, while at the same time presents both characters as credible threats.

Kyung-Yi’s hygiene has been a constant joke in this show and personally, I don’t see the appeal. Maybe it’s just my comedic palette (or extreme OCD to cleanliness) but this doesn’t really reel me in to empathize with her. The drinking and the little jokes around that (like carrying two flasks to the law firm) are where the humour works better.

The actual story is certainly interesting and it seems like we’re gearing up for Santa being a turncoat and following K… or is he? I can’t help but feel all of this is one big red herring, designed to throw us off the scent and cause dissent in Kyung-Yi’s ranks.

Now, more interesting than that is the drama with Yong-Sook. She’s been getting a lot of screen time here and her methods are shady, to say the least. I can’t shake the feeling that K and Kyung-Yo are going to end up forming an uneasy alliance near the end to take her out, possibly with both Gun-Wook and Santa killed or hurt as collateral. Take that theory with a pinch of salt though!

Either way, Inspector Koo has been a wild surprise and while it’s certainly not going to win any awards for best k-drama of the year, it’s a solid entry on the calendar nonetheless.

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