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Love Wins


Canadian DJ/producer Mickhel Patterson has been harnessing his bass-centric, unique sound since 2015. Known colloquially as Gl0bal, this talented artist has most recently been producing a solid selection of EPs across his Insomnia library.

Returning in 2021 with four brand new tracks, Gl0bal drops Insomnia 3, a decent showcase of talent which blends gorgeous female vocals with some pulsating bass and dubstep.

The EP itself opens with ‘Headache’, a song that leans hard into the bass sound and immediately thrusts you into the deep end. From here, the EP does actually ease up a little, with ‘Love Wins’ and ‘Company’, two songs that work incredibly well with the vocal samples they’re mixed with, producing the best tracks on the album.

The fourth and final track here is a collaboration with So Sus, a heady concoction of bass called ‘Snake’. This brings the focus back to to the original hard-hitting sound in ‘Headache’, essentially sandwiching these two harder tracks between a softer core.

Whether intentional or not, this track selection actually works pretty well as a musical journey, ending things with a real desire for more.

With 4 tracks clocking in at a grand total of around 15 minutes or so, Insomnia 3 is crying out for an extra couple of tracks just to bolster out the run-time. Given this is an EP, I do appreciate that’s not always the case but let’s hope Gl0bal sets his sights on a longer album next time – as I genuinely feel there’s enough material across these Insomnia EPs to warrant it.

‘Company’ is arguably the best of the bunch though, beautifully composed and the one song that really stands out here. It also feels very reminiscent of ‘Eyes’ off 2019’s Insomnia EP.

Given Insomnia 2 had five tracks, the decision to bring this EP back to four does allow for a more controlled sonic. Personally though, it would have been nice to have a few extra tracks to bolster out the run-time a bit. Despite that, there’s some decent tracks here; a collection that’s certainly comparable to the first 2 Insomnia EPs.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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