Inside Job Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Inside Reagan

Episode 10 of Inside Job begins with a startling revelation – Bear-O is the mole. So why has the lovable android done all of this? Well, apparently to fulfill his prime directive. He’s been watching Reagan and thanks to CCTV footage, he shows her true face. He knows she’s unhappy at Cognito and between popping pills and struggling to remain enthusiastic, Bear-O has decided to help Reagan by destroying the company… and everyone else standing in his way.

With the gang charging out to safety, Brett and Rand stay behind to help Reagan find the access code needed to rewrite Bear-O’s directive.┬áSo in true Inside Job fashion, Rand and Reagan dive into the latter’s subconscious mind, courtesy of a tank full of liquid to try and find the right memory. Only, that’s easier said than done when she realizes her brain is just as scrambled and paranoid as her exterior self.

After diving into various different pictures and experiencing those memories, Reagan finds one involving Bear-O and an early party. There’s also another too, involving a school science project with a mutant frog. As Reagan watches this play out, flashes of a boy appear next to Reagan. It appears it’s overlapping with the current memory playing out. But why?

Now, it turns out Reagan used to have a friend back in school by the name of Orrin. The teachers at school recognized this and suggested to Rand that his daughter stay in fourth grade to nurture this friendship for her own mental health. However, he and Bear-O had other ideas. After genetically modifying her memories, it soon becomes clear that Rand sabotaged Reagan’s chances at a normal school life, turning her into the emotionless, intelligent and brilliant woman she is now.

While this is going on, Brett stumbles into the memories himself and finds one involving Reagan being made fun of on the day of prom. Brett appears out the bushes and suggests he go with her -which she keenly agrees to.

Things immediately go awry when all the kids make fun of him but as they sit together, Reagan “reverse-Carrie’s” the kids (dumping paint on them) before admitting she has the same password for all of her gadgets too, just like Brett.

With Bear-On on the rampage, the gang free our robotic president and use him to hack into the mainframe and turn the tide of battle. And of course, it immediately involves him attaching numerous robotic limbs to help.

As Bear-O and the robot President fight, Bear-O smashes the tank and stops the memories. Only, Brett happens to wake up and confirms that the password is Orrin, which he found out from a much-younger iteration of Reagan. Thanks to Brett, Reagan manages to re-code Bear-O and shut him down before Cognito is destroyed completely.

How does Inside Job Season 1 end?

With the mole disabled and Reagan stepping up as the real boss of Cognito Inc, she kicks Rand out and prepares for a brand new beginning. It’s all good news right? Wrong.

When Reagan shows up in her office, the Shadow Board holo flashes up. There’s been a change of plans and with J.R. gone, they’ve decided to bring Rand back in as the boss. Oh no!

The Episode Review

Inside Job bows out its first season with a neat season finale, one that dives into Reagan’s memories as a way of exacting the truth about her father and what role Rand has had in everything that’s transpired thus far.

The big reveal at the end of episode 9 that Bear-O happens to be the mole is a nice touch and all of that builds up to quite the dramatic conclusion here.

Inside Job has always been at its strongest when it leans into the sci-fi and fantasy elements and that much is especially true here. Seeing Brett as the one to find out the password from Reagan is another nice inclusion too, with everything set up nicely for a dramatic second season if this one is renewed.

Based on this showing though, Inside Job certainly has enough in the tank to warrant a renewal. Let’s hope we find out soon!

Next Season

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