Inhuman Resources (Derapages) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Prison Time

Episode 4 of Inhuman Resources starts with Alain arriving in the prison and being brought to the cell he will share with other criminals. His first day proves to be tough as he starts being targeted given he’s a newcomer.

Meanwhile, one of the directors meets with a shareholder who is put under pressure to get Alexandre out. The director tells him to wait for now until Alain’s trial. After the director relays the conversation to Alexandre, the latter calls Fontana to tell him to sort out Alain Delambre while the police interrogate Nicole on what she knows about her husband’s actions. Her daughters come later in the day to help clean the place up and find a will Alain wrote on the day of the event.

The next day, Lucie meets with her father to discuss his case. She first asks him where he got the weapon but he lies and asks her to be his lawyer. She tells him he needs to find someone specialized to help as it is a very complex and serious case. They then head for his interview with the judge who speaks to them about what the police have found; his browsing history shows premeditation and she asks again where he got the gun from.

She warns that he is in a lot of trouble and risks 30 years. However, he remains tight-lipped as advised by his daughter. Before leaving, Alain begs Lucie again to defend him but she sadly tells him she doesn’t have the experience but knows a good lawyer who can help.

In prison, Alain gets taken away by two other prisoners, Bebeta and Boulon, who break two of his fingers and tell him that it is a message from a friend. This lands him in the hospital wing and therefore allows Nicole to finally come and visit him. She tells him that the police have interrogated her twice as they wanted to know where he got his weapon from and if he had an accomplice. She asks him what he was planning to do but is unable to say much, explaining that he was just very angry.

Fearing for his life in prison, Alain asks one of the guards, Major Morisset, to help him but the latter doesn’t seem interested. After seeing the book he is reading on becoming a lieutenant, Alain mentions that he could help him study and applies for it as his old job consisted of teaching people on how to pass those tests.

Later on, he is called to the visiting booth and is surprised to find Fontana there. The latter tells him well done as he knows what he has done and actually planned this all along; the hostage taking was just staged too as he used Jean-Marie to log into the company servers. We then see a flashback to the plan he had with Charles who gave him a USB device permitting him to remotely hack into the company severs to access all their secrets and money.

As Fontana tells him they know he stole 22 million, he starts threatening Alain. The latter mentions that he has a list of very important people who have accepted bribes from the company. Before leaving, Fontana tells him that he will have to get back to him on that.

As we cut to Alain telling his story in the present, we learn that he lied about the list but was ready to do anything to survive prison, believing it to be his money. Back in the prison, Bebeta and Boulon are after him again while Mathilde and Lucie ask their mother why she doesn’t visit their father more often. She replies that it is too hard and that she is planning to move out by herself.
Charles visits Alain in prison to discuss his current situation. Alain mentions that Nicole hasn’t seen him more than once and asks him to go and check to see if she has someone in her life. Charles then explains that the money is secure but Alain is worried they might get caught. He asks him to move away and destroy his computer. Charles then finally reveals to his friend how he lost everything in his life: he used to work all the time and never noticed that his son was depressed. He unfortunately ended up jumping infront of a train.
The episode ends as Charles watches Nicole meeting and kissing another man in the street. As she heads inside a building with him, we see that Fontana and his group are also watching her.

The fourth episode of Inhuman Resources gives us yet another twist as we learn just how clever Alain has been and what his plan has actually been all along. While we thought he was acting irrationally, we see his actions had purpose. However, he is not out of the woods yet and faces many tough challenges ahead.

With plenty more tension and many twists and turns along the way, Inhuman Resources remains consistent with each episode that ticks by. The acting from Cantona continues as the highlight here and the series has offered some great characterisation for him as we can’t help but root for this main character. Just what will happen next remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure, it promises to be tense and shocking as we watch these events unfold.

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  1. I don’t understand the idea of Alain thinking that he is getting a full-time job: I thought the job was just a one day stint on hostage day to assess the best person to go to Beauvais and fire everyone! I am confused. What job did Lacoste’s girl friend get? What was the job other than one Sunday morning of interrogation of the current employees?

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