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In From The Cold – Season 1 Episode 7 “Gideon” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of In From The Cold begins with Jenny desperate to find the tracker. So desperate in fact, that she decides to *checks notes* defibrillate her temples. Why? Well, Jenny realizes she’s being tracked and uses a defibrillator. It doesn’t kill her though and when she awakens, Jenny is  absolutely fine and manages to remove the optic trackers. I mean, I’m not sure why she didn’t just do that in the first place but there we go.

In the flashbacks to Russia, Faina walks in on Anya killing her father. Anya does her best to try and spin it around, claiming self defence and that her dad attacked her. Faina is having none of it and knowing she can’t leave any witnesses, Anya is forced to kill her.

Anya eventually asks Svetlana to extract her but as guards surround the women, Svetlana refuses. In fact, she simply utters “Initiate Omega Protocol.” This appears to be the start of the project, with Svetlana encouraging Anya to inject herself to prevent death. In doing so, this serum gives her the powers she’s come to use (or struggle to, as the case may be) in the present.

Back in the present, Andres is phoned by Felipe, who reassures him that the plan to kill the Prime Minister is still due to go ahead. Only, that’s easier said than done. Jenny shows up and shoots him in the kneecaps. Knowing Felipe prides his bulls, she allows it to gore him to death after he refuses to give up any extra information.

Meanwhile, Ohana finds Chauncey’s hotel room but the place is a mess thanks to Jenny’s earlier visit. Off the back of this, she arrests Chauncey and Chris. When a deal is offered to the pair, Chris hastily grabs it with both hands in order to save himself. However, she doesn’t take the warnings about the Prime Minister lightly. Regardless of if they’re telling the truth of not, she decides to double the security around the prime minister just in case anything untoward happens.

At the same time, we skip back to Jenny who reveals her true identity to Ines. She also reveals that Ramon was murdered by Felipe in a bid to try and gain some trust. Her real end-game here is Becca, and in order to save her life, she needs an ally. With time running out for the Prime Minister, Felipe urges Diego to pose as a police officer nearby and bide his moment to strike.

Jenny arrives at Felipe’s mansion. She kills all his guards and eventually gets the upper-hand over Felipe by strategically placing Andres’ severed head right where the boss will find it. This allows Jenny to reveal herself after blending in with the wall and begin smacking him around, demanding answers. He doesn’t give much up, if I’m honest, but does reveal that Svetlana owns the ice rink.

Pleading for his life, Jenny admits that the most dangerous animal in the jungle is a mother protecting her young. It’s supposed to come off as a menacing threat but honestly, it feels as hollow as Storm’s joke about a toad being struck by lightning in X-Men. (There’s a video below for reference!) Anyway, Jenny eventually throws him off the roof to his death.

Back in the station, Chris attacks Chauncey. Of course, the whole thing is staged and it’s actually a coup to get the keys to the handcuffs, which Chris manages to stash in Chauncey’s back-pocket. His mention of “pull out your back pocket” in their heated argument is the code-word needed to help his friend sneak out and get to Felipe’s mansion. That’s just as well too because Diego, having been convinced by his father that he’s doing what’s right, pulls a gun and prepares to kill the Prime Minister.

Chauncey arrives just in time, followed quickly by Ohana and Europol, leading to a big stand-off between the trio, itchy trigger-fingers at the ready. Thankfully Chauncey is the one to talk him down and no one dies.

Meanwhile, Jenny arrives at the ice rink looking for Becca. She’s not there and instead she’s beaten to a pulp by Gaia, who phones Svetlana and brings in the big boss in person. Svetlana claims this whole event was inevitable. As she brings Gaia in for a hug, she shoots the woman dead. The lights inexplicably begin flickering as Svetlana heads over to her little bird and checks on Jenny.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to In From The Cold begins to build everything up toward our big, dramatic conclusion to the main storyline. We’ve got Jenny using a defibrillator on her head and I honestly can’t tell you how utterly ridiculous and farfetched this is. The show has been a barrel of cliched laughs at times but this absolutely takes the cake. The fact that she’s absolutely fine after it worked too is just crazy. Anyway, we’ll run with it. We’ve got shapeshifting and mind control agents so why not a bit of illogical electric shocks!

Jenny’s kill count now is pretty impressive given where she started this season and it’ll be interesting to see if Svetlana is another to add to the list.

Despite that, we’re still no closer to finding Jenny and it’s Chauncey who manages to save the Prime Minister, not Jenny, which is pretty ironic.

The ending hints that we’ve got a dramatic finale to follow and with this one the shortest episode of the bunch, could we be looking at a dreaded Netflix cliffhanger? We’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. Love the review. Wish I could make money this way too.

    Anyway, can’t believe you didn’t mention the whole switch at the end not making sense.

    Gaia making the call is actually jenny shape shifted, right? What did she do to the body of actual Gaia?? Why does it even remotely look like jenny? Did I miss something while being distracted by this pothole in front of my car that can drop it off a cliff.

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