In From The Cold – Season 1 Episode 5 “An Old Friend” Recap & Review

An Old Friend

Episode 5 of In From The Cold begins with Jenny questioned by Chief Inspector Ohana. After her run-in with Chauncey, she’s figured out that Jenny is working with him.

As they talk, Ohana mentions that Chauncey was originally betrayed by a double agent. She doesn’t trust Jenny but offers her a deal to try and win her over; double-cross Chauncey, team up with Europol and take him down.

All of this is just a play though as Jenny manages to morph into Ohana and returns to Chauncey and Chris. The fact that Ohana chose to question her in the hotel rather than returning to the police station is, well, convenient to put it lightly.

Anyway, Chauncey soon explains to Jenny what’s going on. Now, it turns out he was engaged to a CIA agent called Rose. Their operation was financed by an unknown partner whom he believes is actually Gideon.

Rose was the one who figured out who this person was but unfortunately when Chauncey followed the intel, it led him back to Rose. After stopping her from detonating the bomb, Chauncey was forced to shoot her. And that means this whole operation against Felipe/Gideon and everyone else is personal, believing he’s responsible for what happened.

Meanwhile, the situation between Becca and Claire continues to escalate. The thing is, all these bad things happening to Claire are looking ever-more likely to be Becca’s fault.

Becca realizes this too and moves back into Jenny’s hotel room. Only, she winds up seeing Jenny and Chauncey together, immediately believing they’re hooking up. When she confronts her mum about it, the pair argue and it leads to Jenny shoving her daughter into the wall by holding her round the throat. Jesus.

After the earlier incident at the hotel, the real Ohana arrives to see Chauncey. She demands to know the truth about Jenny but Chauncey manages to convince her to stand down.

Jenny however, continues to cozy up to Felipe under her disguise. She makes friends with Ines, who obviously reminds her of Faina and in turn, she’s introduced to Damian. It looks like she’s fully been accepted into Felipe’s inner-circle and after her earlier wobbles with the hotel room and the club, things are on the up.

During the obligatory flashbacks this episode, Svetlana gives Anya her latest mission. This time she’s to seduce a man and enter his safe. Only, after tying him to the bed she finds nothing inside.

Back in the present, Jenny meets Damian. It turns out they actually know each other from another life. Damian has been looking for Jenny for years. Their happy reunion is soon broken up by Jenny urging him to speak about Gideon. The thing is, he’s not budging for her own protection and it soon becomes clear that he’s in love with her. Or at least with Anya anyway.

Unfortunately, the pair’s ordeal is made worse when they realize that Tomas has followed them. Jenny gives chase and eventually the pair fight, with Jenny able to trap his coat in the train door. Only, the knock-on effect to this sees him killed as the train leaves the station. She is literally the worst agent I’ve ever seen. How many bodies is this now?!

Anyway, as the episode comes to a close, a big revelation is unveiled. It turns out Svetlana is actually Gideon! Gideon speaks to Damian and asks for Jenny to be kept out of her current operation. Unnervingly, she produces a stopwatch and begins humming. Damian is transported underwater and appears to be under Svetlana’s control, just like Lidia was.

The Episode Review

So it seems Gideon’s true identity is actually Svetlana which I guess isn’t all too surprising given most of this show has been revolving around the past colliding with the present. However, it’s also unveiled at the end that Svetlana is mind controlling her subjects to do her bidding. So coupled with a shape-shifting bumbling espionage agent, it appears we’re moving into superhero territory now.

That’s probably just as well because the espionage elements of this show has been…lacking, to say the least. I man, who conducts an interview at the hotel? No less the crime scene of all places.

It’s perhaps unsurprising to see Jenny slip away and worse, she’s managed to obtain Ohana’s identity too. Jenny could easily use this to do some real damage and disrupt operations and when she finds out who Gideon is, it’s likely she could use this to her own devices and disrupt Gideon’s operation. It shouldn’t be too difficult right? The again, we’ve seen from this show how bungled the simplest of operations become so we’ll have to wait and see.

The twist at the end is just enough to keep things watchable but this certainly hasn’t been a spy thriller to remember!

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