In Fear – All Is. All Shall Be | Album Review

in fear

Track Listing

All Is
Purest Fire
The Blinding Light
Remember Me
Virtue And Regret
Trace My Skin
Doom Sequence
Narrow Gate
All Shall Be


In Fear model their music on the titans of their scene, and on this collection they don’t detract from what they want to achieve. Their sound is a mixture of soft vocals and demonic screams that create such a fearsome sonic input.

All Is. All Shall Be delivers intensity on such a high level, and the instrumentals do not fall flat or into a poppy state as they actually evolve with every beat and song.

The band is fairly new to the scene too, but you wouldn’t think so as their music is pretty much complete and complex. Lyrically, they challenge their own minds and mental states, pushing themselves into a world where hope hinders.

There are 14 songs on this record. ‘Purest Fire’ begins with a slow intro until the ferocity triggers anarchy. The soft vocals begin the ride into the darkness, and the band lose their shit here.

‘Rest’ opens like a majestic film that has an evocatively rich theme song. The vocals are slightly muffled here, though it doesn’t affect the track too much. Again, it shows the band’s subtle side.

‘Trace My Skin’ starts like shotgun shells to the gut. The screams break through and increase the pressure, while the chorus ultimately shows clear depth in musical wonderment.

In Fear show they have the maturity to gain even more traction and followers, and on this release, they deliver high intensity.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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