Infamy Season 1 Ending Explained – Does Gita break free from her family ?

Family or Infamy

The final episode of Infamy starts with Marko trying to commit suicide, but it fails when the rope snaps. Elsewhere, Gita makes a bold decision and shaves her hair, strictly against the family’s tradition, religion, and culture.

As expected, the other family members are furious when she appears in front of them with a shaved head. Her mother joins them and shuts up the agitated women. She asks them to leave her baby alone and hug her. Gita tells her mother that she is in mourning.

Viola says that Tagar deceived her; he had a wife and a baby on the way. Gita tells her that Marko deceived her, too; he bet their lives in a casino. Viola wonders where Gita’s strength comes from, and Gita tells her that she is, after all, her daughter. 

How does Gita’s family react to her changes?

After shaving her head, her family is furious; they feel she has dishonoured them and brought shame. Her mother, Viola, stands up for her and yells for them to leave her daughter alone.

Gita meets with her friends Eliza, Kalim, Cherry, and Nadia and asks them to help shoot a music video for the song she wrote using Tagar’s beats. The song is a tribute to Tagar and a declaration that she will not be shackled by culture and religion unfair to women but will fight for her freedom.

Since she refuses to get married to Janka, which threatens the success of the family business, Stefan sends her away from the family house. She seeks refuge with Eliza and her mother, who embrace and support her quest to chase her passion for music.

Gita shoots the music video, and at first, she is afraid to post it since she knows doing so means her family will disown her. Her friends encourage her and promise to always be by her side. The video is a hit, and even the family seems to enjoy it until the part where she lifts her t-shirt. 

Does Gita make a stand against Janka?

When her mother and father leave the family house, Gita returns to say goodbye, but they do not let her in. She bids her grandmother goodbye over the callbox. The grandmother keeps telling her she is no longer Romanian, but Gita affirms that, as her grandmother taught her, she will always be Romanian since Roma is in her blood.

She then visits her family at their new house, and they share a happy meal. She bids them goodbye and goes to the train station. Her story ends when she boards a train from Biala Gora. 

Gita sends a photo of her shaved head to Janka and tells him it is over; she no longer wants to get married. Janka, who is still head over heels in love, wants to marry her regardless, and he manages to convince Josef and Marko. The fathers agree, and Janka orders a bunch of weaves for Gita. He calls her to say he is still willing to marry her, but Gita confesses that she is still unwilling since it is a forced marriage.

Gita needs to get the marriage idea out of everyone’s heads, and she did something that risked her whole family and Janka disowning her. At the end of her music video, she lifts her t-shirt to prove her point. She wanted to break free, and nobody would stand in her way. Josef calls Stefan to tell him he will no longer allow his son to marry Gita, and Janka cries in the shower. 

What happens to Marko, Viola, and their family?

Marko tries to commit suicide, but the rope snaps. He returns home, and Viola realizes what he was trying to do, but she does not scold him. She instead asks that he does not try to leave her alone to handle the mess they are in.

Viola asks him to talk to Gita, and he notices she has shaved her head. He does not speak to her but locks her door and starts heading downstairs when he overhears the family arguing about Gita and how she has doomed them and their business.

Does Marko make the right choice?

Marko offers to visit Josef to discuss the way forward. Josef nearly kills him, but Janka, who says he is willing to marry Gita still, saves him. Marko agrees that Janka pursues Gita and wins her hand in marriage.

Back at home, he informs the family of Josef’s decision, which guarantees that the family business is saved. Viola and Marko’s relationship gets better, and they become more intimate. However, when Gita’s video is released, Stefan gives Marko a choice to choose either family or infamy.

He chooses family, which Stefan thinks he is referring to, staying at the family house and kicking out Gita. Still, Marko meant choosing his family with Viola and their children, Lala, Kevin, Gita, and Melisa. They move to a poor neighbourhood and live in a cramped house, but the moments shared there are full of happiness. 

What happens to Eliza and Mikolaj?

Eliza finally musters enough courage to take a stand and stand up to Mikolaj. She asks him to meet at a hotel, and to surrender to the police for the part he played in the death of Tagar. Mikolaj takes out his phone with the video he used to blackmail her, but she does not care this time. She tells him that if he leaks the video, he would be at fault for having a sexual relationship with a minor, which is illegal in the country.

The video was taken when Eliza was 15, and Mikolaj was 19. After she left, she sent an email to a list of her friends exposing the screen grabs she got from Mikolaj’s laptop, and they started a discussion on tracing the IP address and informing the police of Tagar’s murderers. Eliza finally successfully gets out of the abusive and toxic relationship.

At the end of the episode, Mikolaj is still out and about; hence, it is unclear if he gets arrested for Tagar’s murder. 

Is the family business saved?

The family, especially Stefan, is more interested in saving the business. Stefan says he does not care what happens to Gita as long as the family business survives. Gita’s marriage was a ruse to help save the family business, and her objection put the family business at risk. Even one of her aunts vividly tells her that her actions are selfish since she knows not getting married will lead to the family going broke.

Marko succeeds in making a deal to safeguard the family business when he talks to Josef. They reach a compromise that preserves the family’s partnership with Josef. The partnership will no longer be anchored on the marriage, but Janka can pursue Gita and marry her if he wins her affection.

How does Infamy end?

At the end of the episode, Josef calls Stefan angrily after Gita’s music video is published online, telling him to watch the video and see what Gita did. He then cuts off the phone, saying it is too late. However, it is unclear if that means the business partnership is also over or just the potential marriage between Janka and Gita. 

The series ends with Gita bidding her family goodbye and boarding a train from Biala Gora.

The Episode Review

The episode ends with no significant mysteries left to solve. All the storylines were wrapped without cliffhangers other than the issue of the business partnership between the two families.

Gita does not get married to Janka, and she makes it very clear through her music video. She breaks free from the obstacles to her dreams of becoming a rapper and leaves her family on good terms. Marko and Viola can work on their relationship and find a fresh start, leading to abundant happiness. They even leave the door open for Melisa, previously disowned for marrying a non-Romania husband. 

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