I Need Romance (2021) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Mistaken Identity

Episode 4 of I Need Romance begins with Najai caught in the moment with this kiss. There’s a lot of pressure on this too, as all her friends are convinced that a good first kiss is a sign of true love.

Well, Najai’s euphoric high soon comes crashing down when Arlan fails to ring the next day. She constantly checks her phone, even shaking that instead of her protein shake in the morning during one of this episode’s funnier segments.

Arlan, as it turns out, is actually out shopping. He wants to make sure Najai has healthy food stocked up in her fridge. Not willing to blow his cover, he gets all of this sent via home delivery.

At work, Kiss runs into Kan again. It’s awkward and tense, to say the least. Despite Kiss being the one to break up with him, she’s upset that he didn’t try and fight for their relationship. What’s with all this game playing?

This prior meeting puts up some pretty big walls for Najai and her team to ascend. Kiss drives a hard bargain for the product endorsement and wants to be involved in every single part of the process. Najai is hotheaded, prompting Kan to speak to her separately and to find a way to make this work.

While Najai is hard at work, Arlan sneaks into Najai’s place and cleans up for her. He tries to leave but Najai heads home unexpectedly, forcing him to hide. As he does, Najai rings Kan and mentions her kiss and how good it made her feel. Eventually the call ends and she realizes how clean her apartment is, and how Tofu has been over at hers.

Still posing as Tofu, he rings Najai and teases her after making a getaway from the  Not only does he mention the lack of clothing she was wearing, he even changes the passcode to his birthday minus one. Only… she can’t remember what it is and that forces her to go in through the windows.

Meanwhile, Maple’s date doesn’t go to plan. In fact, their initial romantic encounter is soon met with devastation as post-it notes on the door to the dormitory berate the pair.

That book we saw over at Najai’s is actually from Tofu’s past. It’s a really sweet reminder of how caring Najai’s used to be and all the moments she looked after him in the past. He even follows it up with a message, telling her to remember their bond from 20 years back.

At work, Najai succumbs to Kiss’ wishes and does her best to hold it together – even when Kiss calls her an old hag! Anyway, the contracts are signed but on her way out the door she runs into Arlan again. This time though, Najai puts up an icy façade and tells Arlan that the kiss meant nothing. Unfortunately, Kiss walks straight up to Arlan and hugs him tightly.

Back home, Najai starts to ease up a little on her hostility toward Tofu. She makes him breakfast, knowing that it’s his birthday, and he messages, telling her he’s out front. And just like that, Tofu shows and reveals that he’s both Arlan and Tofu!

The Episode Review

I Need Romance steps it up a gear here with a really good episode. There’s a great dose of comedy thrown in this chapter and the simple but effective story between the two leads works really well to blanket over the whole drama.

We also see a little more of the subplots too, with both Piewa and Maple off with their respective love interests.

Now that the façade between Arlan and Tofu has been shattered, what’s next for our characters? We’ll have to wait and see but this one is certainly looking to bee an intriguing prospect going forward!

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