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In life, you come across some criminal cases that send shivers down your spine and the new season of Netflix’s The Indian Predator narrates one such case in a three-part special. The second season of Indian Predator titled, ‘The Diary of a Serial Killer is based on the infamous case of Raja Kolander, who is an alleged cannibal with a kill count of over 15 people. 

The show dates back to the 2000’s and starts when Raja’s first known victim, Dhirendra Singh, an Allahabad-based journalist went missing. Here, we’re graced with features testimonies from Dhirendra’s son as well as the family members of other supposed victims of Raja. Moreover, we see Raja’s family members still defend their father and his actions while the man is in prison, waiting for his final sentence. 

The murders are not what makes the show unique though, because in season 1 of Indian Predator we saw a man who had committed many murders. However, what makes season 2 more chilling is the fact that Raja Kolander is suspected to be a cannibal. With the police finding the skulls of recently deceased individuals, they were led to believe that Raja was a man-eater. 

Raja, born Ram Niranjan, hails from the Kol tribe in India and was called Raja Kolander because he was the self-proclaimed king (raja) of the Kols (his tribe). The suspicious modus operandi of befriending his victims and killing them brutally and even allegedly feasting on their flesh and brain matter is something that will chill the viewers to their bones.

From witness and victim’s family members’ testimony, the testimony from Raja’s children, as well as testimony from Raja himself paints three different sides to the story. The victims’ families call Raja an outright cannibal and murderer for stealing their loved ones from him and audaciously maintaining a diary recording his adventures. 

The testimony from Raja is one where he tries to show himself in the most positive light and as a beacon of hope to the people in prison where he helps his fellow inmates attain justice. However, how his family members talk about him is very confusing. From his daughter defending her father to the sons being on the fence about his actions, it is evident to the viewers that something does not sit right.

The show is not the best compared to many other true-crime titles available on Netflix, but IT sure is bone chilling due to the questionable decisions that the serial killer may or may not have made. Raja’s fate still hangs in balance while he is incarcerated for over two decades and the victims’ families seek justice.

Looking at Raja in the show did not evoke a sense of fear as the alleged serial killer is still denying his guilt. He claims he has not killed anyone and is as innocent as a lamb, and given the circumstances you try to believe him. However, the show did not do much to convince viewers of his guilt other than the testimony of the main police officer in charge of his case and a psychologist trying to analyse the mind of an alleged cannibal.

I wish the makers of the show provided more depth to the plot and gave fans solid evidence pieces in order to make a lasting impact on viewers. This one’s a bit of a misfire.

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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